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Dazzle with the New Silestone Eternal Collection

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The world’s leading brand in the quartz surfaces category, Silestone®, is launching a collection of spectacular surface colours which pay homage to the most sought-after, exotic marbles in the natural stone sector; Silestone® Eternal. Aesthetics and functionality are fused together for designs to enhance even the most demanding projects.

Launching late March 2017, the Silestone® Eternal range is made up of five shades, Calacatta Gold, Statuario, Charcoal Soapstone, Serena and Marquina, which reflect the current marble trends in decoration and interior architecture.

The consistent work of the Cosentino Research and Development Department has ensured Silestone® Eternal surfaces feature an extraordinary, natural appearance, with the different highlights playing an essential role in the overall effect. Cosentino has achieved patterns visible from the surface right through to the depths of the slab, even at intersections and edges. These intricate patterns are faithfully repeated with each round of production, maintaining the original design essence.


 width=CALACATTA GOLD: A white background frames elegant, wide grey highlights which are interspersed with unexpected golden glints. Calacatta Gold, with its eternal, distinguished appearance, replicates one of the most desirable marbles in the natural stone world.


STATUARIO: Inspired by the classic Italian Carrara marble, Statuario has a white surface with very soft, muted grey sparkles. Colour and harmony are fused in a background that stands out for its remarkable sense of depth.


CHARCOAL SOAPSTONE: This blue-grey finish with powerful grey highlights is inspired by the popular “soap stone”. A spectacular creation, characterised by its solid depth which maintains a sense of movement. 


SERENA: A finish of grey stone with fine, gentle, white lines drawn through to its depths. The subtlety and softness of nature defines this distinguished surface.


MARQUINA: Evocative of the beautiful, Spanish Marquina marble, this creation presents an intense, black background with vivid white details and highlights which appear to sit proud of the surface.

Eternal is the first Silestone® collection to be manufactured with ‘N-Boost’ technology – an innovation patented by Cosentino which modifies the material at a molecular level and further enhances Silestone®’s outstanding technical and aesthetic properties. This new technology will be immediately noticed, as liquids are repelled – meaning an extraordinary level of stain resistance. N-Boost is not a seal or a wax and is therefore unalterable.

Made from over 90% natural quartz crystals, Silestone® by Cosentino surfaces have a high resistance to stains as well as to scratches and impact. Silestone® benefits from a shade and consistency that is not found in natural stone and is the ideal surface for use in a wide variety of interior architecture and design applications, including worksurfaces, flooring, splashbacks, wall cladding, shower trays, washbasins and custom made bathroom components. Available in standard slab sizes and thicknesses of 1.2, 2 and 3cm.


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