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Dekton Grip+ : A Safe, Stylish Flooring Solution

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Dekton Grip+ Trilium

The global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for the world of architecture and design, the Cosentino Group is delighted to announce the launch of Dekton Grip+.  This new launch once again demonstrates the Cosentino Research and Development team’s leadership in terms of product innovation.

Grip+ is an advanced, innovative treatment that guarantees slip resistance on Dekton ultracompact surfaces, providing maximum safety for both public and residential projects. Dekton Grip+ offers a smoothness that’s similar to the material’s standard finishing, thus ensuring the same pleasant feel when walking across it barefoot.

In addition to these benefits, Dekton Grip+ meets the most restrictive international regulations.  Dekton Grip+ classifies as R11 under regulation DIN 51130, whilst also meeting the Class 3 regulation.

Dekton Grip+ Keon

Grip+ combines the anti-slip innovations and solutions that the Cosentino Research and Development department has been developing for years across its product range.  Thanks to this innovative technology, Grip+ allows Dekton to position itself as the best product for anti-slip flooring applications, even for the most demanding of projects, whether located inside or outdoors.  This can include dressing rooms or community access points, ramps, pavements, terraces, surfaces in and around pools, showers, or spas.

Grip+ represents a revolutionary modification of the Dekton surface structure in a controlled way.  Grip+ is joined to the material before the particle sintering process involved in the manufacturing of Dekton®, therefore making it part of the surface’s molecular structure. This ensures it cannot be worn down over time.  The lightly textured surface is consistent, uniform and pleasant to the touch.  It is also easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Dekton Grip+ Makai

The Grip+ anti-slip technology provides Dekton surfaces with a higher safety index and helps avoid potential accidents.  This new benefit joins the existing long list of excellent properties that define the revolutionary Dekton surface by Cosentino.  Thanks to its innovative manufacturing process, Dekton offers advanced resistance to scratches, stains, freeze/thaw, heat and UV rays.  It also absorbs very little water.

Grip+ will initially be applied to a total of 16 different colours in the Dekton range and will be gradually incorporated into other tones.

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