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Dekton Stonika: The New High-Shine Collection

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Dekton Stonika is the new high-shine natural collection by Cosentino, that is launching today.

Dekton Korso - Stonika Collection

New Dekton Korso, part of the Stonika collection

Introducing Dekton Stonika

Customers can choose from four designs inspired by natural stone, which have amazing detail and mirror-like shine.  A ‘next-gen’ for the ultra-compact surface brand’s popular XGloss series, Stonika offers high resistance to scratches, staining and heat in addition to UV ray protection.

The new collection has four designs; Bergen, Arga, Taga and Korso.

Paul Gidley, area director for Cosentino UK says, “Dekton Stonika is an exciting launch for us, which represents the very best of what our R&D team can do.  These four new colours showcase the next level of surfaces, and we’re proud to be launching them to the market.”

Dekton Taga - Dekton Stonika

New Dekton Taga, part of the Dekton Stonika collection

Stonika offers all the benefits of standard Dekton, including a high resistance to heat, scratches, staining and UV rays.  Because of this, the new Stonika designs can be used for a range of projects, such as kitchen and bathroom worktops and wall cladding.  Dekton is available in 8mm, 12mm and 20mm as well as sizes up to 320cm x 144cm.

The New Dekton Stonika Collection

Dekton Bergen - Dekton Stonika Collection

Dekton Bergen | Bergen is inspired by beautiful natural stone.  Detailed grey veining contrasts against a creamy white background, that is finished with a dazzling shine.

Dekton Arga - New Dekton Stonika Collection

Dekton Arga | Joining the Dekton Stonika collection, Arga has a warm background, natural looking veining and a glossy finish.

Dekton Taga - New Dekton Stonika Collection

Dekton Taga | Taga offers a modern interpretation of classic Taj Mahal quartzite.  With grey colours and a sense of depth, it has detail which results in a softer final look, in addition to a high-shine.

Dekton Korso - Dekton Stonika Collection

Dekton Korso |  Earthy tones ensure that Korso stands out in the Dekton Stonika collection.  Fine grey veining stands out on a brown background, that results in a wow-factor statement.

Find more information about new Dekton Stonika here.

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