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Four of the Darkest and Most Intense Silestone® Shades, Reinvented by Revolutionary N-Boost Technology

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  • Iconic Black, Stellar Negro, Marengo and Negro Tebas stand out due to their extraordinary deep, dark finishes
  • Reimagined with the innovative N-Boost technology, these four Silestone® shades offer unique technical and aesthetic features: ease of cleaning, high colour intensity, and dazzling shine in polished finishes 

The world’s leading brand in the quartz surface category, Silestone®, presents four stylish and unique shades characterised by deep, dark finishes, enhanced with revolutionary N-Boost technologyIconic Black, Stellar Negro, Marengo and Negro Tebas are designed to enhance decorative interiors, offering stylish aesthetics and excellent technical benefits.

  • Iconic Black. No other product currently available on the market can match this black shade of Silestone®; it is the truest black available in the quartz surface sector. Its polished finish boasts an unbeatable shine and stunning light reflection.
  • Stellar Negro. An intense black hue flecked with light-catching crystals, reminiscent of a night’s sky. Despite its inky tone, the surface reflects light beautifully, enhancing any space with a sense of movement. The consistent work of the Cosentino Research and Development Department has also ensured that the brilliant gem-like highlights are visible from the surface right through to the depths of the slab, even at intersections and edges.
  • Marengo’s polished and suede finishes showcase an intense grey tone. Simplicity and functionality are fused in perfect harmony, resulting in a stunning shade boasting easy maintenance and a vibrant colour.
  • Negro Tebas. Uniform and offering exceptional tonal intensity, Negro Tebas comes in both polished and suede finishes and has a deep, subtle tone.

N-Boost technology modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level, further improving its qualities and offering surfaces that are both highly practical and stunning. With N-Boost…

  • … the cleaning of Silestone® is easier than ever before thanks to its water-resistant properties, repelling any kind of liquid,
  • the colour is intensified, appearing much more authentic and striking
  • and the polished finish boasts an extraordinary shine.

Iconic Black, Stellar Negro, Marengo and Negro Tebas are synonymous with purity and excellence owing to their intense colours, and excellent mechanical properties.  The quality that defines these shades is a guarantee for professionals in the architecture and interior design sectors, as well as for consumers seeking the perfect surface for their home.

Valentín Tijeras, VP of Global Product and R&D at Cosentino: “With N-Boost we have adapted the DNA of our Silestone® surface, reinforcing its leading status in the market.  Thanks to technical advances on a molecular level, it is easier than ever to clean Silestone® surfaces.  Similarly, the colour achieved by both the polished and suede (matte) finishes of Silestone® is without doubt a huge benefit, consolidating our position at the top of surface innovation.  We add these four dark shades of Silestone® to the eternal and iconic white collection, already created with N-Boost technology, to offer our customers the most popular aesthetic options in the world of design, as well as the best performance.”

The existing superior qualities of Silestone® remain intact with the presence of N-Boost; high resistance to impact and scratching, large size and customised formats as well as adaptability to a wide range of applications, making it the ideal choice for architectural and design projects.  N-Boost purely reinforces the functionality and aesthetics of the surface which also carries international certifications for quality and safety.

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