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Introducing Eternal Noir and Silken Pearl to the Best Selling Silestone “Eternal” Colour Collection

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Silestone by Cosentino, the world leader in quartz surfaces for architecture and design, launches two new additions to its best-selling “Eternal” colour collection. Eternal was originally created to take us back to the aesthetic of marble, an ancient natural stone and an emblem of the Cosentino company’s heritage.

Eternal Noir and Silken Pearl are the names given to the two new versions of Silestone Eternal, which have been created in response to major decoration trends towards marbled textures. The timeless natural beauty of this stone has made it a huge interior design hit and can now be found everywhere at the world’s most prestigious architecture, decoration and design shows.

Eternal Noir

Eternal Noir provides an asymmetrical design inspired by the pure elegance of natural stone.   Its black finish emanates distinction and simplicity and its intense, dramatic white and orange veining appeals to a whole spectrum of aesthetic tastes. Eternal Noir is a colour that has the power to captivate and inspire interior design choices based on dark colours.

Silken Pearl

Silken Pearl takes its inspiration from a creamy stone whose smooth, refined base is complemented by delicate white veining. A notably natural and calm look, this colour option provides architects and designers with a wide range of aesthetic combinations.  Silken Pearl is synonymous with reliability.

In keeping with the philosophy of the entire collection, the veining plays an essential role. The random nature of the veining pattern lends distinction, elegance and a sense of continuity and completeness.

The inherent exclusivity of the natural stone is intensified in this series by Silestone, whose natural finishes are not only beautiful, but they also come with the advanced technical properties that only a surface such as Silestone can guarantee.  Eternal Noir and Silken Pearl, as well as the rest of the colours in the Eternal series, are manufactured using Silestone’s innovative N-Boost technology, which results in more intense colours and an extraordinary shine which facilitates easy daily cleaning and maintenance.

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