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Silestone® N-Boost A Revolution In Surface Technology

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Cosentino has once again revolutionised the field of quartz surfaces with the launch of a pioneering, patented new technological development; Silestone® N-Boost.

The N-Boost treatment process modifies the molecular properties of the quartz, altering the surface tension of the material and eliminating the micro-porosity. Its water repellent properties achieve an extraordinary level of stain resistance, ensuring even easier cleaning and maintenance. It also enhances Silestone’s light reflective properties to give greater intensity of colour and brightness.


The existing superior qualities of Silestone® remain intact; high resistance to impact and scratching, large size and customised formats. N-Boost purely reinforces the functionality and aesthetics of the surface which also carries international certifications for quality and safety.

The new marble inspired Silestone® Eternal range is the first to feature N-Boost, as well as the new ultimate white shade, Iconic White. This innovative treatment process will be progressively rolled out to all Silestone® colours.

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