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Stunning Marble and Granite Countertops -5 Beautiful Dream Kitchens

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When choosing the perfect marble or granite countertop for your dream kitchen, colour is often the first thing that draws one to a particular stone, followed by an attraction to the often-incredible details of the natural material. The alluring texture of stone and its durability mean your choice shall be an enduring one, meant to last the test of time, changes in taste, and as well add meaningful design character to your space.

Of course, marble and granite countertops are not only limited to kitchens, but can also be used in bathrooms, but the most important element in any space is finding the right colour, texture and placement, and bringing all these elements to create a truly innovative use of surface material.

These five gorgeous kitchens showcase different types of countertops in very different styles and interior décor environments.

Be inspired by the most luxurious and creative use of natural stone and the way gorgeous marble and granite countertops are the perfect addition to any interior space and style.


The Elegance of Contrast–Beautiful Marble and Granite Countertops

marble and granite

Cemento. A classical kitchen with a modernist twist, complete with a deep grey countertop.

When choosing your marble or granite countertop, the right balance between shades and hues creates a sense of evocative design. In this elegant dream kitchen, an understated grey countertop brings a sense of modern classicism to the space.

Contrast is key for this room. The dark countertop is beautifully offset by white cabinets, detailed tile backsplashes, a lovely wood floor and dramatic chandelier lighting. The unusual shape of the island adds design flair and makes the kitchen a place not only to prepare meals but truly inviting for family and friends as they join in the warmth and celebration.


The Luxury of Night– Black Marble and Granite Countertops

marble and granite

Eternal Series, a striking kitchen island in black is an example of outstanding and innovative use of materials, an admixture of form, design and natural beauty.

A black marble or granite countertop is always a statement piece. This dramatic choice works for expansive kitchens and smaller spaces, like this modern open living area where the countertop acts as a room divider. Deep velvety black marble means the counter itself is like a sculptural work of art in itself, yet truly functional.


The Modernism of Pale Granite and Marble Countertops

marble and granite

Eternal Serena. This spacious kitchen blends various styles to evoke a sense of elegant warmth.

An elegantly appointed kitchen with architectural details and plenty of natural light has enough space to delight a gourmet chef, busy host or even a large family. The refined surface is the ideal countertop for this space, allowing a flawless interplay between texture and styles. Modernist hanging lighting, white cabinets, white washed floors, exposed beams and large arched windows make this a kitchen to remember. The generous island is perfect for food preparation, social gatherings, family time and even dinners.

The Purity of White Granite and Marble Countertops

marble and granite

Iconic White. A minimalist kitchen utilising pure white with wood, Asian elements, Danish modernism and the most contemporary style.

White is a coveted countertop choice, and when you choose white or pale granite or marble countertops you are evoking the history of historic and modern architecture and art. When this material is paired with the gorgeous texture of natural wood, and modernist details, we see a space concept where classic purity meets a mid-century modernist sensibility updated and made eclectic.

White granite and marble have a certain perfection that is admired worldwide, and this means that these materials can suit any sort of kitchen space or decorative style, classic, traditional, modern or contemporary.

Unique Style -The Artful Technique of Mixing Texture and Materials

marble and granite

When you are choosing granite or marble countertops you do not always need to match monochrome hues and materials.

Elegant pairings of diverse material can make a room welcoming and warm, and this sort of layering is a key way to personalise your interior. In this gorgeous space, various natural materials come together to create a highly functional and streamlined space that playfully echoes concepts of wabi sabi, with Scandinavian simplicity, and the luxury of granite and marble countertops. The island acts as a way to designate space while also functioning as storage and a serving as a lovely clean yet welcoming dining area. The décor is accented with modernist pieces including beautiful lighting and iconic seating.

Whatever granite or marble countertop you choose, be sure it works with your existing space, decide whether it will serve as a space divider, a focal piece, how many people you expect to use it, do you entertain, have a big family, prefer to dine on the countertop in the contemporary fashion? And most importantly choose a colour, texture and surface you love, every time you walk into the room, you will be reminded of its natural beauty and power of form.

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