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A space for design and architecture professionals to inspire, meet and create.

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Located in the Golden Triangle area of downtown Washington DC, Cosentino City is a perfect enviroment for architects and designers to interact with the latest innovations in hard surfaces installation. With more than 300 m2 spread, Cosentino City Washington DC has an Atelier Lab, a central space as a library of materials where you can find inspiration and develop all kinds of projects called. It also has several social areas and digital design tools. A space to learn about the materials applied in countertops, flooring, cladding and enjoy numerous meetings with professionals, exhibitions, round tables, showcookings, etc.


"I have had the pleasure of attending several of the events and the people I have met at them have been wonderful. My first visit to Cosentino City was with one of my clients who had already been there. It was such an easy and hassle free task because Ali, the city manager, was extremely knowledgeable and guided us to what we were looking for."

Line Dayoub

Creative Director

""The Cosentino team was quick to demonstrate their commitment to their new City. Through their sponsorship of DC SCORES and our Our Words Our City event, they are helping thousands of DC kids become "poet-athletes"."

Anthony Francavilla

Chief Development Officer

"Cosentino City has been a wonderful resource, but in addition to the plethora of beautiful products, the DC showroom has the best team! Collaborating with Ali and Alex on projects has been nothing but smooth and enjoyable. Working with them is something I always look forward to."

Maria Tulloch


"Having an industrial partner that reflects the essence of pure luxury for our clientele is extremely important. The new Cosentino City DC showroom is nothing short of perfection. Thank you Cosentino City DC for your incredible customer service, support for our team, and amazing atmosphere. We look forward to many projects together!"

Lindsey Britten


Our team of experts awaits you

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