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Black Washbasins

It is not by chance that black is one of the must-have colours in the palette of any interior designer. Its shade makes it perfect to combine with any space, style, texture and colour. But black is not only “the colour that goes with everything”, it is also synonymous with elegance, modernity, style, timelessness and design.


Without doubt, black is a colour of endless possibilities and the best choice to highlight any room in the house. So, if you're looking for an extra touch of personality in your bathroom, how about a black washbasin?


Here are the reasons why black washbasins have become the best feature in the house and we give you the keys to getting the black washbasin your bathroom needs.

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Black washbasin ideas

Lavabo negro con baño negro
Lavabo negro circular
Lavabo negro de Dekton
Lavabo negro rectangular


Black is the ultimate colour. It is increasingly popular regardless of season, trend and environment. A timeless colour that can make any area of your home unique and special. So, why not also use it in the bathroom?

Don't be intimidated by its darkness and feel free to use it on small features such as the washbasin, to provide distinction and personality. See how a black washbasin becomes the centrepiece of your bathroom.


Black is full of nuances that provide serenity and elegance to any part of the house. Furthermore, its versatility to combine with different colours, textures and styles makes it a must-have in every colour palette.


It is the perfect colour for any room in the house (including the bathroom), and used in the right proportions, it will not diminish the brightness, but provide an extra touch of elegance and serenity.


Use black to turn your washbasin into the centrepiece of the room. This will provide a greater feeling of warmth in a relaxing, tranquil area such as the bathroom. For an extra touch of warmth, use black on other elements such as the bathroom countertop or any other decorative element.

Lavabo negro con ducha negra
Plato de ducha negro Silestone


The timeless black and white duo is a classic that never fails. Combining these two great colours in the same room ensures harmonious and highly visual results. The brightness of white contrasts perfectly with the opacity of black, creating a striking visual effect that makes the room seem much wider and deeper.


Along with its versatility, another of the great advantages of black is its timelessness. Although a black washbasin may seem quite innovative, the timelessness of this colour ensures that it remains beautiful over time. In fact, a black washbasin will always be that key element that will last through any passing trend or fashion.

4 examples of black washbasins

Lavabos negros dobles

Classic and elegant

Undoubtedly, black is synonymous with elegance. That is why at Cosentino we have a wide variety of dark shades that will make your bathroom shine with elegance and sobriety.


Our Scalea Simmetry design, in Eclipse Black, is a winning combination that provides distinction and refinement within a classic and restrained style.

Marble can also be black

Cladding and finishes in natural stone is a trend that is repeated year on year in our bathrooms. So, why not also use it for our washbasin?


Choose a black with natural veins, such as Charcoal Soapstone by Eternal (Silestone), and see how black marble can also become a timeless trend. Furthermore, this colour inspired by the popular soapstone has a blue-grey finish that will add depth and movement to the room.

Lavabos negros ovalados
Lavabo negro de Dekton

Modernity and style

Black is a trendy colour that can be used in any modern and cutting-edge project. Therefore, and thanks to shades such as Iconic Black, Silestone's ultimate black, a black washbasin will bring personality and contemporaneity to your bathroom. The purity and perfection of this colour, enhanced by N-boost technology, will further intensify both colour and resistance.


Choose a washbasin with geometric or avant-garde shapes and combine it with decorative and minimalist details that highlight the modernity provided by this colour.

Industrial trend

Industrial style is one of the trends that has arrived in our homes and is here to stay. Black is the key colour in this trend that has captivated so many different spaces in our homes, as no other colour can.


At Cosentino we have a wide range of matt black shades that will fit perfectly with a black, industrial style washbasin. In fact, all the colours in Dekton's Industrial collection fit in perfectly with this trend, which is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design. Choose industrial style fittings and decoration to suit the design of the washbasin to further enhance the personality of your bathroom.

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