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Campanas for eCosentino

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ECO by Cosentino: Recycled surfaces

Eco by Cosentino® is a revolutionary surface composed of 75% recycled materials with a high proportion of porcelain, glass, mirror glass, and vitrified ash. The launch of ECO by Cosentino® established a new unprecedented standard in sustainable design and construction, creating a new brand category: ‘Recycled Surfaces’.

After starting the ECO by Cosentino® project, we became very curious to find out more about the Campana Brothers as they are pioneers in the use of recycled materials for the creation of high performance and high design furniture. These values not only coincide with the profile of our product, but they are also those of Cosentino, whose concern for and commitment to the environment and sustainability offer users materials that meet one of the main sensitivities and requirements of society today.

The path of the Campana Brothers was very visible and did not go unnoticed by Cosentino, and so, as the ECO project was launched, we became increasingly interested in meeting this pair of designers and introducing them to our product.

Today their work is part of permanent collections of renowned cultural institutions such as the MOMA in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, and the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo. In 2008, they were awarded the Design of the Year Award by Design Miami.


PROJECT:Campanas for eCosentino.
THE TEAM:Fernando y Humberto Campana
THE WORK TEAM:Cosentino (Manufacturer of the slabs), Estudio Campana (Project supervision), Mestalla (Design, assembly, and production).
MATERIALS:ECO by Cosentino® and recycled wood
COLOUR:ECO by Cosentino® in the colour Starlight
DIMENSIONS:304 x 138 cm slabs 75 x 75 cm slabs 305 x 100 cm slabs
Campanas for eCosentino

Almost 2.000 slabs of ECO

ECO by Cosentino® and wood were the materials used to create ‘Campanas for eCosentino’. The project specifically involved 4,524 pieces of wood cut into slices, 1,944 slabs of ECO by Cosentino® in the colour Starlight – all cut using a waterjet –, 100 standard pieces measuring 304 x 138 cm, and recycled plywood. 225 pieces measuring 75 x 75 cm were used for the flooring, and for the walls pieces measuring 305 x 100 cm were used. Both the flooring and walls were also in ECO by Cosentino’s colour Starlight.

Over 1,300 hours were needed to create this project. Forty hours were spent on the design. A total of 1,267 hours were required for its pre-assembly. Its construction took three days and involved the work of six assemblers, an electrician and two painters in addition to the assembly management team.

The piece weighed 12,000 kilos and two 13-metre long trailers were needed to transport it.

Three different teams worked on the project. In Brazil, specifically at the Campana studio, they oversaw and followed up the design and the details of the finish of the materials. At Cosentino Group’s facilities in Almeria, they monitored and coordinated the project and manufactured the 1,400 slabs. (The slabs are all different and no two are alike).

The protect was presented at the Fuori Saloni, a parallel event held as part of the Milan Furniture Fair. Over 200 media representatives attended, and the Campana Brothers personally presented the project. They explained, in detail, what the inspiration process was like and spoke about the creation of their latest environmentally-friendly design idea.

This same project was presented at the Avant-Garde Homes Show, Casa Pasarela,in Madrid, which was visited by over 20,000 professionals.

The importance of the project

‘Campanas for eCosentino’ is a space that is based on the artistic interpretation of ECO by Cosentino®, surfaces made of 75% recycled material and designed to provide architectural and decorative solutions. A textured space created by an accumulation of materials. Strata of ECO by Cosentino® recycled surfaces were layered to create the appearance of rock-like sediment, in turn resembling the natural stone that is at the heart of Cosentino.

The ‘Campanas for eCosentino’ project breathes life to a modern and attractive material. It is an example of how design knows no bounds and everything can be transformed to become part of an original and creative process.

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