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Corporate ethics

At Cosentino we are fully engaged to complying with legal requirements but also with the ethical commitments, good practices, and standards that the organisation has voluntarily decided to comply with.

They guide the development of our activities and business and allow Cosentino to build trusting relationships with its stakeholders.

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Internal policies

Cosentino’s internal policies regulate various areas of the company’s activities and are mandatory to the members of our organisation and the stakeholders to whom they apply.

With this objective in mind, we promote our Code of Ethics, Conduct and Regulatory Compliance, as an essential internal rule that establishes the principles of an ethical and responsible behaviour based on integrity, professional commitment, and good practices of the organisation.

The result of this ethical internalisation, a true culture of compliance present in the organisation, stems from the will of the company’s senior management and must serve to ensure that Cosentino is recognised internally and externally for what it does and how it does it.

Compliance Body

The Compliance function at COSENTINO is represented by the Compliance Body which is composed of four members of the organisation.

VP Global People
Internal Audit Director
Labour Relations Director
An internal Legal Counsel

The role of the Compliance Body is to ensure awareness and compliance with the Code of Ethics, Conduct and Regulatory Compliance, the Compliance Policy and any other related internal policies and regulations, as well as to manage the Ethics Channel, in order to promote compliance with the law, commitment to professional, ethical and responsible behaviour of the company and all of its employees.

The Compliance Body is entitled to take independent action or act at the request of any employee or person belonging to our stakeholders by means of a communication made in good faith submitted through the Ethical Channel.

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Ethics Channel

Ethics Channel gives anyone the opportunity to submit a communication in a completely confidential and anonymous (if so desired) manner concerning any breach of the Code of Ethics, Conduct and Regulatory Compliance or any other internal or external regulations.

Access the Ethical Channel