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Loft Series

The Silestone Lofs Series is a new and sophisticated range of colours that offers a fresh and contemporary take on the industrial and architectural look of concrete and cement. Silestone Loft Series also comes with a new RAW texture, in keeping with the industrial look of the new collection.

Nueva textura RAW

Raw es la nueva textura de Silestone. Los colores de la Serie Loft cuentan con este acabado que aporta el aspecto propio de los materiales de construcción y combina un relieve superficial con un acabado mate.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a unique, original and daring colour with loads of personality. Its elegant white background is superimpose with soft and elegant gradations of grey, to give any space with a strong and stylish identity.


Brooklyn offers an intense grey finish replete with totally random contrasts and effects. It was designed to be the absolute showpiece of a space, offering innovative design for the market in quartz surfaces. It features a striking personality, a rustic and industrial carácter, and pure and elegant beauty.

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