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Best-selling colours of the modern series

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Silestone and modern design

Modern decoration uses solid colours on large surfaces. White -the combination of all colours- and black -the absence of them- are the keys to any modern proposal. Modern style finishes are generally matt, with little texture and no veins.

From the Loft Collection we go for the Nolita finish because it is perfect for open spaces and conveys a feeling of purity and calm.

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Silestone whites

Concepts such as “pure art”, line and colour combined in the same space, are very much present in the art movement of the first half of the 20th century and, therefore, in the modern style.

We choose Silestone Blanco Zeus and Iconic White as base materials.

If you feel like using primary colours for some surfaces, then use them sparingly on kitchen furniture, lamps or seats, for example.

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The most modern Dekton

Dekton also has interesting suggestions to help you get modern décor into your home. We love the colours Zenith and Moone, from the DK Solid collection, as a white background for a modern decorative style. If you are looking to combine white with an all-black surface, then choose the classic Dekton Sirius or Dekton Domoos.

Modern style decorative tips

Ranging from cladding to worktops, washbasins to shower trays, Cosentino offers you a wide range of ideas to create a modern look in your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Choose a pure white background, without shine, textures and veins. Keep in mind the principles of 20th century architecture: gradual abstraction to shapes (horizontal and vertical straight lines) and primary colours.
  2. Combine that white background with a black surface such as a worktop or wall cladding.
  3. If you feel brave, you can experiment with primary colours in furniture, lighting and fabrics. Never use more than two colours and always do it in blocks, for example, a blue sofa and a yellow armchair.
  4. Use a design icon as a source of inspiration and main theme for your modern style project, basing the entire project around it. For example, if you choose the Eames Lounge Chair, imagine the atmosphere you want to create around it.
  5. And remember that good design never goes out of fashion and that a modern style home will always be trendy.
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