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3D Interior Design with Blophome and Silestone 2015 Competition


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Cosentino Group, Spanish company leader in the production and distribution of innovative solutions for the world of architecture and Index Consulting launch a competition to promote both brands via the presentation of decorating projects designed in the 3D application, Blophome.

The programme will accept as many projects as the participant wants to submit, the only condition being that at least one object or material must be used from the Silestone catalogue (Cosentino). The competition is based on the presentation of a project with the Blophome Classic or Blophome Professional application and the Silestone catalogue (Consentino), and can be of any kind of spaces: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, halls, public spaces, etc. There are no limits – only that of the users’ imagination. Each participant may submit as many entries as they wish; the competition is open to any person of legal age from anywhere in the world.

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The prize is €1,000 and the period for submitting projects is from 2 November until 22 December. From 23 December to 15 January the entries will be subjected to public voting of the top ten via Facebook. On 18 January the winner will be chosen based on the votes via Facebook and the valuation of the jury. The only requirement for the projects submitted is that they include a Silestone product (surface or object).

By submitting their project, the contestant gives their permission for the winning project to be published on the Blophome website and platforms; the full name of the winner will only be published with prior approval. 

To take part all you have to do is access the Blophome website and register for the free version Blophome Classic or for the paid version Blophome Professional; the cost of this version is 360€/year (but there are other payment options available for monthly or biannual subscriptions). Both options can be used from a download to the computer desktop or via the on-line version, suitable for iOs systems.

Index Consulting is the developing company of the Blophome software, and has created the 3D catalogue of the Cosentino products, among which is the well-known quartz surface Silestone.

For more information, visit the Blophome web page for the competition: and our social networks:








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