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Cosentino Americas HQ: the new Americas operations center for the Cosentino Group in Miami


Yesterday, Cosentino Group officially opened its new headquarters for the Americas. Spectacular office spaces in the heart of Miami’s Coral Gables will centralize the multinational’s management and operations in the Americas, including North America and Central and South America.

Global coordination which will be carried out over one of the most extensive commercial and distribution networks accomplished by a Spanish industrial-sector company on the continent, particularly in North America.

Cosentino’s new central offices in Miami will manage 51 existing Centers or integral service storage facilities (43 in North America and 8 in Latin America), 4 Cosentino Cities or showrooms, more than 2 distribution hubs and 12 cut-to-size processing plants all owned by the multinational in the USA. Almost 70 infrastructure assets in total which represents significant investment in human capital with around 1,400 employees in the Americas.

Due to this high level of involvement and to comply with company growth plans, Cosentino moved the Cosentino North America headquarters from Houston to Miami, a move that takes into account the aforementioned cultural and integral management changes for the Americas. Furthermore, Miami is not only currently one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the country, but it is a fundamental reference point for the most prestigious architects and designers in the world, and offers significant business opportunities and new projects.

Cosentino now has spectacular offices in the famous and iconic district of Coral Gables (355 Alhambra Circle, Suite 1000) which represent an investment of more than US$2.5 million (€2.1 million) with a total surface area of 2,230 m2.

The official opening of the headquarters was celebrated yesterday at an event attended by some of the firm’s different customers and endorsers, and presided over by Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America and Global Sales EVP.

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