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Cosentino Group celebrates its Asia-Pacific Distributors Convention in Indonesia


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Cosentino Group is currently celebrating a new edition of its Asia-Pacific Distributors Convention, which brings together the key figures of Cosentino distribution companies as well as the company’s own team in this area.

Entitled “APAC 50 Summit” the Convention, held in Bali (Indonesia), welcomes nearly 70 attendees from 10 different countries (Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand). Representatives from the Group´s management team include Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino Alfonso, Corporate Sales Director and Ginés Navarro, Sales Director for Asia, Pacific and Direct Sales.

In addition to reviewing key business strategies for 2015 and analysing the situation of each market, this year the growing importance of this geographical area for the Spanish multinational has been highlighted, which has a growing direct presence. Currently, Cosentino Group has three centers in the Asia-Pacific region in Australia, two of them opened last year, two Cosentino City (Sydney and Singapore), an Associated City in Malaysia and a sales office in Japan.


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