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Cosentino Group sponsors the “Design and Sustainability Award” in the 3rd Ibero-American Design Biennial BID12


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Cosentino Group sponsors the “Cosentino Design and Sustainability BID12 Award” in the third edition of the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID12).

The “Cosentino Design and Sustainability BID12 Award” was developed to highlight those jobs that through innovation and functionality are created based on true design principles and respect for the environment, from their creation to their commercialisation.

Yesterday, during the opening of the exhibition of the Biennial in the Central de Diseño de Madrid/DIMAD, the Brazilian project “Perenne MBR90C –Renascent. Sanitary wastewater purifier” was announded as the winner of this award. This Project developed by the designer Levi Girardi and the Questto/Nó studio, combines biological degradation processes for clean water, reusing wastewater. 

This innovative project meets legal requirements and stands out for its great qualities: design, odourless, silence, portability, easy installation, quick return on investment. Capable of  meeting the demand of 1000 to 5000 people on a daily basis, “Perenne MBR90C –Renascent” only takes up the equivalent of two parking spaces and has a high energy efficiency equivalent to the consumption of a small fridge.

The winner received the award from Jose Luis Calleja, Manager of Cosentino Madrid. At the event, another five awards dedicated to “innovation” “design for all”, “design for development, “visual communication” and “design and company” were presented.

Besides, the DIMAD Chairman, Manuel Estrada, the meeting was chaired by the delegate of the Arts Council of Madrid, Fernando Villalonga; representatives of Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, of Matadero de Madrid, and other sponsors of the Biennial.

The awards ceremony coincided with the opening of the exhibition of the 3rd Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID12), involving 22 countries and that showcased the best expressions of recent design in Latin America, Portugal and Spain. More than 400 projects by designers can be viewed covering all areas of design: graphics, textile, fashion, digital, products, architecture and interior design.

The BID12 is also a meeting and reflection space between professionals, students and the general public through different round tables, conference and workshops to be held on development, design and sustainability in the coming weeks.

One of these conferences aimed at “professional design and success”, will take place on Thursday 29 November at 10 am in Central de Diseño de Madrid/DIMAD, and in which Cosentino will participate with a presentation by Vanessa Feo, Cosentino Group’s International head of PR and Communication.

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