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Daniel Libeskind and the Cosentino Group present the permanent sculpture “Beyond The Wall” created with the ultracompact surface Dekton®


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The Cosentino Group, worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, and the prestigious architect and designer Daniel Libeskind have today presented a permanent sculpture at the Group’s headquarters in Almeria, Spain. The spectacular polycentric spiral is called Beyond The Wall and is a remarkable result of the ongoing collaboration between Libeskind Design and Cosentino Group. A temporary version of this sculpture was showcased in Milan’s Statale University during Milan’s Design Week 2013.

Beyond The Wall,  based on the infinite possibilities of the spiral, is a unique structure and is the first to be created using Dekton® by Cosentino.It is not a traditional spiral with a single center and axis, but a contemporary spiral which opens a plurality of directions along many different trajectories; a polycentric spiral, propulsively twisting to a dramatic zenith.

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The spiral is a result of the synergy between Libeskind’s architectural vision and Cosentino’s innovative material Dekton®. Beyond The Wall shows how this ultracompact material can succeed in cladding a contemporary and complex architectural facade. In this final version Dekton® surfaces are employed in all exterior facades, interior walls and in all floors. The whitest finish of Dekton®, Zenith, is the chosen range for the facades and walls, in contrast with the perfect black colour of the Sirius finish, chosen for the floors of the impressive 8,5 meter high polycentric spiral. Both ranges belong to Dekton’s® Solid Collection, a range of pure, solid colours that offer stunning balance and harmony of design. A total of 305m2, 2cm thickness differently sized Dekton® pieces, including pieces in its large format of 320cm x 140cm, have been applied. Out of this, the facades and walls covered with the Zenith Dekton® range sum 180m2 divided in 80 different pieces.

After the unveiling of Beyond The Wall sculpture, Daniel Libeskind and Cosentino Group’s President, Francisco Martinez-Cosentino have visited together the 128 million investment, new factory where the surfacing material Dekton® by Cosentino is manufactured.

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Francisco Martinez-Cosentino remarked: “I feel very honoured that Daniel Libeskind has chosen Dekton® for his creation, and very warmly want to thank him for his visit to Cosentino Headquarters today. Our aim with the ultracompact surface Dekton® is to suit any design request guaranteeing extreme performance. I am proud this has been achieved for the remarkable installation Beyond The Wall.”

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The geometry of external material of the wall, Dekton®, forms a contemporary fractal pattern related to the Golden Section. The pattern is integral to the wall structure, carrying within itself the structural logic of modulating scale and proportion within an endlessly fascinating surface. A kind of shiver should run up the form—an overlaying of a pattern that would break scale and dissolve the strength of the rising, twisting wall planes. It’s a mathematical mosaic, a mobile net that would run and break without repeating: a wholly modern concept of a tile, a ‘fractile.’ The aim is to find a similarity that never quite repeats, and to do that the surfacing would have to be a-periodic. It fits and locks together in an open-ended logic, as a network develops. The tiling has to be a growth of strange branchings.

Dekton® by Cosentino is an innovative surfacing material, a wholly new and original category of surfaces which feature the exclusive TSP technology developed by the Cosentino Group R&D department. Dekton® surfaces have superior technical characteristics including very low porosity, high resistance to scratching and abrasion, they offer décor in volume, infinite design possibilities, and they are resistant to UV rays and extreme temperatures. Dekton® allows large format application both indoors outdoors.

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