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Daniel Libeskind unveils his project Beyond The Wall


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Cosentino Group, worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, has teamed up with the prestigious architect Daniel Libeskind for the first time.

The architect Daniel Libeskind, an international figure in the world of architecture and design, is famous for introducing a new critical attitude towards architecture as well as for his multidisciplinary approach that seeks a dialogue between architecture and the other arts.

Daniel Libeskind’s Beyond The Wall is a unique architecture and design project realized with Silestone® quartz surface in its innovative matte “Suede” finish. The result of this collaboration between Cosentino Group and Libeskind Design is a spectacular polycentric spiral.

This project shows Libeskind’s unique approach to architecture as a language capable of narrating the story of the human soul; a hybrid and wide-ranging force, at once a narrative, a method, an art form, and a way of thinking about the world. 

The project entitled Beyond The Wall will be installed in the main courtyard of the Statale University in Milan, in the framework of the event “Interni Hybrid/Metissage Architecture & Design”, from the 8th to the 30th of April.

About Libeskind Design

Over the years, Daniel Libeskind has been fortunate to be commissioned by a number of international design firms to develop a diverse array of objects, as well as bespoke furniture and industrial fixtures for the interiors of his buildings. In order to further develop his designs, Libeskind chose to establish a design company in Milan, the international center for design, with unparalleled artisans, care for detail and connections to the broader world of contemporary architecture, art and culture. The office has been commissioned to design products in Austria, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, United States and Italy.

The designs reflect Libeskind’s profound interest in the world of everyday objects and the stories they tell about their environment and the people who use them. It is fundamental to his motivation that products are crafted with perceptible human energy and that they challenge and contribute to the fields of product, industrial and interior design in the same way his buildings speak to architecture and culture. The spirit animating the new enterprise is to craft every object in an innovative and unique way, to make everyday life a little more beautiful and interesting. Beyond interiors and objects, Libeskind Design has also been commissioned to design two museum exhibitions and several cultural installations in 2013.

About the Cosentino Group

The Cosentino Group currently has 6 factories, 15 kitchen and bathroom surface production centres in the US, more than 70 distribution points or Centres worldwide, and a staff of over 2,200 spread across the globe. From its headquarters in Almeria, Spain, the Group distributes its products and brands in more than 60 countries, and directly manages and controls its own facilities and infrastructures in 17 countries: the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Portugal. Currently more than 80% of its turnover comes from international markets.

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