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Dekton® by Cosentino extends its colour range with six new proposals for international architects and designers


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The Cosentino Group, global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, again demonstrated its capacity for innovation with the launch of six new colour proposals for Dekton®, its revolutionary ultracompact surface for architects and designers.

Entzo, Gada, Blanc Concrete, Trilium, Aldem and Valterra were created for the purpose of offering different finishes that reproduce the immortal beauty of nature, the captivating personality of wood and the intense character of industrial, rust-coloured tones. Diverse textures and finishes in a combination of functionality and aesthetics, adapted to the different preferences of the end consumer and of each market.

This new colour range not only has an extraordinary appearance, it is also extremely versatile and adapted for use in all types of indoor and outdoor applications. Façades, paving, kitchens, bathrooms and all types of vertical or horizontal coatings become a reality with Dekton® thanks to the unique properties that give it its own personality and the sinterised particle technology (SPT) used to manufacture it. Resistance to UV radiation, scratches, stains or thermal shock are just some of the excellent technical properties that define Dekton® by Cosentino and the more than 30 references currently included in its colour range.

Entzo and Gada, elegant Dekton® tones inspired by natural stone

Inspired by natural stone, Gada resembles limestone. Its homogeneous design is formed by darker or lighter parts, depending on the density of the thread. The thread and background of Gada fuse perfectly into a soft cream colour range. This is an extremely natural colour whose texture mixes a satin finish with the roughness of limestone finish.

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Also inspired by natural stone, the Entzo tone adds great luminosity and ampleness to the space. An elegant and random greyish-gold vein adds asymmetrical movements to a brilliant white base. Its smooth plain matte texture and exquisite refined graphics convert Entzo into a simple, subtle colour.

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Gada and Entzo are included in the Dekton® Natural Collection, a series that reflects Cosentino’s desire to emulate the best of nature through evoking stone with more delicate veins. This collection is a faithful interpretation of the whimsical designs formed by millions of years of geological intervention. The Natural Collection also includes the colours Danae, Sirocco, Vegha, Irok, Edora, Aura, Kairos and Kelya.

Blanc Concrete and Trilium, new Dekton® industrial finishes

Inspired by the appearance of concrete, Blanc Concrete is an innovative industrial proposal with a non-conformist tone that withstands the passage of time. Its textured finish and luminous tone are captivating from the first, offering the possibility of creating incomparable decorative combinations.

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Trilium is transformed into the first Dekton® ecological tone, as its composition includes the reuse of substances and elements generated during the manufacture of the material. Inspired by the effects of time on steel, Trilium offers a mix of volcanic, grey, jet black colours that give rise to an extremely realistic rust-like effect, with attractive contrasts between light and dark tones. Its metallic finish also adds a subtle, delicate texture that is agreeable to the touch thanks to its extraordinary softness.

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Blanc Concrete and Trilium are included in the Dekton® Tech Collection, a collection that has made its mark due to its non-conformist nature and its industrial appearance. Like the other colours in the Tech Collection, Blanc Concrete and Trilium offer architects a modern, functional design that guarantees the excellent technical features of Dekton®. This collection also includes the colours Keranium, Kadum, Strato and Keon.

Aldem and Valterra, the new, warm, wood Dekton® finishes

Inspired by the appearance of wood, Aldem adds an important note of sincerity and sobriety. Its distinguished design has diverse greyish tones and a finish that enhances the appearance and beauty of wood.

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Inspired by noble wood, Valterra is a warm colour in a mix of reddish tones, creams and browns. Thanks to its linear design, its appearance perfectly customises the structure of wood. The soft, wrinkled finish of Valterra conveys a sensation of nature, comfort and warmth.

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Aldem and Valterra, which are both included in the Dekton® Wild Collection, open up a world of new possibilities for designers and architects who wish to combine a traditional appearance with materials that are both elegant and innovative. Dekton® has four more colours with a wood finish. Borea and Makai, also included in the Wild Collection and Ariane and Ananke, from the Dekton® Solid Collection.

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