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Supermodel Cindy Crawford and chef David Muñoz, the faces of Silestone® Tops on Top


Silestone® presents the evolution of their advertising campaign Tops on Top, with a new image of supermodel and brand ambassador Cindy Crawford; and incorporates Michelin-star chef David Muñoz as the face of their online campaign.

After the campaign’s first phase which offered images of a sophisticated Cindy Crawford wearing evening dresses, standing on top of an exclusive Marquina-coloured surface; this Autumn, Silestone® is launching the follow-up to their campaign with a new image of the supermodel appearing in casual attire on top of a beautiful kitchen in the quartz surface’s Calacatta Gold colour.

Cindy Crawford, supermodel and international fashion icon will reprise her role as Silestone® ambassador and will take part in a number of promotional events being held by the firm in North America from now until the end of the year.

In addition to this, the Spanish quartz surfaces brand is also adding Michelin-star chef David Muñoz to the roster as the face of the new Silestone® Tops on Top online campaign.  Now we will have the chance to see the chef, recognised for his constant innovation, dressed elegantly, facing the viewer, while standing on a stunning worktop in the Iconic Black colour from the Silestone® range. This breakthrough scene recognises the master of gastronomy as Top in the kitchen.

David Muñoz has risen to the highest heights of cuisine with his innovative gastronomic offerings, the DiverXo restaurant, awarded three Michelin stars, or his StreetXo gastrobars in Madrid and London. Restaurants in which the interior design has always featured Silestone® quartz surfaces.

With Tops on Top, Silestone® is surrounding itself with major names in gatronomy, and fashion, to celebrate over 25 years of hard work and innovation. The campaign celebrates the successes of extraordinary men and women who, thanks to their constancy and professionalism, have managed both to rise to the very top of their careers, and the even more difficult task of remaining at the top.

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