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The counter and the open kitchen as a show, the great protagonists of restaurants


The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) has hosted a new session of Architecture and Cuisine Dialogues, organised by the Silestone Institute. The chef and businessman Carles AbellánCarles Abellán Group-, the architect and gastronome Miquel EspinetEspinet/Ubach Arquitectes– and Santiago AlfonsoCosentino Group- have shared a round table to elaborate on the latest trends and novelties of the culinary space. 

“The kitchen becomes a show for the dinner guest”

Miquel Espinet has explained how the professional kitchen has evolved from being an inhospitable place to becoming a space that can be enjoyed and visited by customers and is open to the entire staff. For Espinet the design of restaurants has fully changed its style regarding materials, the floor tiles, the look of the countertop, the hoods…

According to Espinet, two large lines of modernity have opened up in restaurants in the last few years: the counter and the open kitchen. The counter is an element you lean on, where your meal is served, and which differentiates those who eat from those who serve. On the other hand, the kitchen becomes the focal point of the restaurant and it is a real show to see the chefs cook.

“The counter conveys the soul of our territory, giving us identity”

Carles Abellán, chef and businessman of the restaurant La Barra de Carlos Abellán, has explained the creative process of the concept and design of a restaurant. Abellán is a great fan of the counter, which he considers an element that offers dynamism and enjoyment to any establishment. According to the chef, the counter conveys the soul of our territory, it indicates that we like bars, that we like counters and that we enjoy them and eat very well on them. A novelty included in this restaurant is that everything that happens in the kitchen, located on the ground floor of the premises, is broadcast live.

“The materials help to develop the dreams”

Santiago Alfonso, general secretary of the Silestone Institute and vice president of marketing and communication at Cosentino, has explained how the materials manufactured by the company help to develop the dreams of the ideas men such as chefs, architects or interior designers. Cosentino has a clear R+D vocation with the development of new materials with an important component of state-of-the-art technology. es and universities that promote R+D.

Among the projects carried out with Dekton and Silestone surfaces, manufactured by Cosentino, we find the restaurants DiverXo and StreetXo (Madrid), Dani García (Marbella), Mugaritz (Errenteria) or The French Laundry by Thomas Keller (Napa Valley).

Silestone Institute: is an international platform engaged in the research and dissemination of knowledge about the kitchen space, both on a professional and domestic level. The Institute, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is an initiative promoted by the Cosentino Group.

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