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What is Dekton

Stone Dekoded

We have decoded natural stone, deciphering its unique beauty and performance to recode and upgrade it through technology into Dekton: The Technical Ultracompact Stone.

Dekton inspires the future of architecture and design by creating soulful spaces where beauty and functionality coexist in a perfect synergy.

The technical ultra-compact stone

Dekton is stone

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature.

Dekton uses in its manufacturing the exclusive TSP technology, able to sinter mineral particles making them bond with each other.

Dekton is technique

Dekton means excellence in functional beauty for any architectural project.

Dekton’s polyvalence makes it ideal for any application, even in the most demanding conditions such as facades or floors.

Dekton is ultracompact

Dekton perfects in a few hours what nature creates in thousands of years.

Dekton’s exclusive press generates 25.000 tons of uniform pressure (2.5 times the weight of Eiffel Tower). As a result of this ultracompaction process, Dekton has no micro-defects that cause tensions or weak points and an almost null porosity.


Dreamlike immersive beauty

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The beauty of craftmanship

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Why Dekton?

  • Advantages

    The beauty of peak performance

    Abrasion resistant

    Dekton withstands abrasion better than granite and porcelain, making it ideal for all interior and exterior applications including facades and flooring in commercial spaces subject to high activity.

    Scratch & impact resistant

    Dekton’s great resistance to impact and scratches makes it perfect for everyday use. Its hardness equals quartz, scoring 7/10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

    Water & stain resistant

    Dekton boasts very low porosity, making it extremely resistant to water and strains, which can be easily removed with standard cleaning products.

    Extreme temperature resistant

    Its thermal conductivty, medium flexural strength and low expansion index make it deal for projects exposed to sudden changes in temperature, ice, wind, or heat. Additionally, it can be installed with minimal joint separation.

    UV-ray resistant

    Dekton is unaffected by ultraviolet rays. Its color does not fade or degrade overtime, maintaning the same appearance as the first day it was installed in any interior or exterior application.
  • Design Options

    The beauty of imagining with no limits
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    Variety of sizes

    Dekton is available in small in 71x71 cm formats and large 320x144 cm slabs, perfect for creating visual continuity in large spaces with the minimum number of joints.
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    Variety of thicknesses

    Available in 3, 2, 1.2, 0.8 or 0.4 cm (Dekton Slim). A thickness for each application, always ensuring the highest performance.
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    Easy installation & cost optimization

    Lower cost and greater lightness with Dekton Optimma format (260 x 100 cm in 4 mm thickness) specially designed and paneled for the most common vertical cladding applications.
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    Variety of colors and textures

    Each Dekton collection offers a myriad of colors in a variety of finishes from ultra-glossy, to matte or velvet options.
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    Creation of continuous spaces

    Thank to its properties, Dekton can be installed with practically imperceptible joints and guarantee tonal uniformity over the entire surface covering large spaces with a continual and natural way.
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    Customization possibilities

    Dekton offers the possibility of customizing colors and complex cuts, creating unique pieces that create unforgettable spaces opening up limitless design possibilities.
  • Innovations

    Essence of Nature. Soul of Technology
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    Dekton Slim

    4mm thickness in large format that offers unlimited design options and incredible ease of installation and transportation.
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    Optimma Format

    The Dekton slab has been optimized for the most common cladding applications to create a new format with improved cost, design, installation and handling.
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    A luminous and dazzling finish achieved by mechanical polishing, without the need for enamels or other materiales.
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    A protective mesh designed by Cosentino especially for the most demanding application. It has A2 s1 d0 certification, the highest fire resistance after A1.
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    Quick Cut

    Technology developed by Cosentino that allows Dekton to be cut three times faster without altering its properties.


The full life-cycle Carbon Neutral Surface

We offset the 100% of our CO2 emissions over the entire product life cycle, making Dekton the only Cradle-to-Grave Carbon Neutral surface on the market.
More about sustainability

Cosentino Photovoltaic Solar Plant


Cradle-to-Grave Carbon Neutrality

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Transport & Logistic


Fabrication Process

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Retailers & Instalation


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We calculate our carbon footprint

As part of our decarbonization plan, our carbon footprint is calculated and verified by accredited third-party organization, with the approval of MITERD.


We reduce our impact

It is a priority for Cosentino to reduce energy consumption in the production process. 100% of the electricity used in Dekton’s production comes from renewable sources.


We offset our emissions

To achieve cradle-to-grave carbon neutrality, we offset our emissions over Dekton’s entire product life cycle by investing in GHG emission offsetting projects.

Dekton applications

You imagine it. Dekton makes it possible


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What do people usually ask

Dekton surfaces offer technical properties, high performance and distinctive colours and textures for outdoor and indoor projects, such as kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, wall cladding, residential building façades, flooring, furniture and shower trays. This makes it possible to create spaces with different applications to match and play with each other.

Find your local kitchen shops and Dekton suppliers with our locator.

Dekton is offered in 3200 x 1440 mm slabs. It is available in 8, 12, 20 and 30 mm thicknesses to suit any application. This product also offers Dekton Slim, an ultra-light 4 mm format that can be used in cladding and furniture.

Dekton cleaning and maintenance is very easy – just wash with soap and water.