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Cosentino’s Sustainability Report Signals a Brighter Future for our Planet

Cosentino Group’s recent Sustainability Report outlines our significant progress, achievements, and ambitions toward our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) approach. Within this new framework, we continue to fulfill our commitment to transparency and responsibility in economic, social, environmental, and ethical sustainability toward our employees and other stakeholders. In addition, in compliance with the International standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the document reports Cosentino’s performance in its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda. 

In our commitment to having the best possible impact on people but minimum impact on the planet, we have set out strategic levers, milestones, and achievements in the report's social, environmental, and good governance fields. These pillars are underpinned by a well-established business model with financial strength (as demonstrated by last year’s financial results) and based on innovation, R&D, efficient production, circular economy, training, social action, and, above all, the strength and professionalism of Cosentino’s team. 

Download Cosentino Group’s 2021 Sustainability Report 

Interactive Summary of the 2021 Sustainability Report 

Sustainability and environmental management (Environmental) 

This area encompasses some of our current major projects. In 2021 alone, Cosentino invested almost €30 million ($49.2 million NZ) in environmental assets and environmental improvement costs. We also demonstrate its commitment to circular economy and the reduction of carbon footprint through a series of solid milestones such as the use of 99% reused water, Zero Water Discharge (daily treatment and recirculation of 800,000 m3 of water), the use of 100% renewable electric energy and the development of sustainable products such as Dekton®, a carbon neutral product for its entire life cycle, and the HybriQ+® technology for Silestone® products. 

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Other milestones include the production of more than 3 million m2 of slabs from recycled or recovered materials (almost a third of Cosentino’s total production) last year. We made this milestone possible thanks to Cosentino’s Waste Treatment Plant. This enabled the company to manage 400,000 tons of solid waste in 2021, of which 13% was recovered, thus increasing the use of recycled raw materials by 26%. 

However, our pursuit of improving our carbon footprint does not stop there. Last year, Cosentino implemented a new industrial energy model based on renewable energy sources and self-consumption, which also covers the management of water resources. In the coming weeks, we will set up the largest ground-mounted self-consumption photovoltaic plant in Spain (and one of the largest in Europe). The plant will have a peak power of 20 MW and an energy production capacity of approximately 34 GWH/year, which will be complemented by installing solar panels on the roofs of the factories. At the same time, Cosentino is building its Wastewater Reclamation Plant. This plant, expected to be operational this year, will put the wastewater discharged by its neighbouring communities to new use.  

Job creation and contribution to society (Social) 

In addition to innovation and sustainability, our commitment to people is one of our core values as our human capital is our most important asset. In 2021, Cosentino created nearly 700 new jobs, ending 2021 with a workforce of 5,425 employees made up of people from 76 different nationalities, with  91% on permanent contracts. 

This commitment to prosperity and growth extends to the communities where Cosentino has a presence, especially in its immediate surroundings, in the regions of Almanzora and Almería, Spain. As a company, we are making a pioneering contribution to education and training by promoting Dual Vocational Training programs conducted at its facilities and activities carried out through Eduarda Justo Foundation. We also support the fields of architecture, design, sport, and gastronomy. This is done through a series of partnerships, sponsorships, and promotions of art and culture through the Ibáñez Cosentino Art Foundation. Last but not least, we have made direct donations to various organizations and associations totaling more than €1 million, a 20% increase from 2020. 

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Responsible and transparent management (Governance) 

Guided by ESG criteria, Cosentino moves forward with a roadmap based on integration and transparent communication with its employees and its entire value chain of suppliers, customers, and collaborators. We have created a corporate governance body that is responsible for developing talent and also invests in health and safety and promoting equality and diversity (22% of women in management positions and 50% on its Board of Directors in 2021). 

Of significance to the New Zealand market, the development of HybriQ® and HybriQ+® technologies for Silestone products address environmental and health impacts by reducing the level of crystalline silica* to a maximum of 50% and creating a new category in surfaces – the Mineral HybriQ surface. This pioneering development further reinforces Cosentino’s commitment to providing a healthy environment for those working with its materials across the value chain. 

This new innovation makes Cosentino’s unwavering commitment to creating high-performance, low silica*, more sustainable surfaces for New Zealanders. 


*You must review the safety recommendations and information at For availability of Silestone colours with HybriQ® and HybriQ+® technology, please check, your nearest Cosentino centre or with your account representative. 

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