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Natural Stone

Natural Stone

The Cosentino Group's natural stone

Scalea® by Cosentino is the brand which includes all the natural stone offer of Cosentino Group, by offering a unique an unrepeatable option that join modern and traditional designs.

Fire and heat resistant

UV rays resistant

Superior Durability

colour stability over time

Natural aesthetic and beauty

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Scalea by Cosentino presents the most natural surfaces collection of Cosentino Group, made up of natural stones chosen with an exhaustive selection process.

Through Scalea it is maintained the Cosentino Group's commitment for the traditional products such as marble, granite, limestone and travertine.

These materials are carefully selected and they are present as a proposal in vogue. Its extraordinary resistance and durability make of it a safe bet for professional.

Care and Maintenance

The natural stone is a material that has been used in throughout the history from the world of architecture, construction and design, thanks to its extraordinary resistance and durability. In general, it's able to resist high temperatures, what makes of it specially suited for kitchen countertops. Furthermore, it's beauty and exclusivity created by nature, makes of it a unique and timeless piece.

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The natural stone presents a good maintenance, getting cleaned only using water. Also, you can use soap with neutral pH to avoid using aggressive products that can produce scratch in the surface.

Kitchen surfaces

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Bathroom surfaces

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Natural Stone
Exclusivity in its wide offer

Scalea by Cosentino count on a wide range of 200 colours among its natural stones: marbles, granites, limestones and travertines. Each of the shades has the possibility to choose between different textures: Mirage, Glace, Century and Caresse. Furthremo, the natural stone has the singularity of a unique and unrepeatable design because it's created by the very nature.