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Cosentino Group brings together its best European clients


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The Cosentino Group headquarters, a global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, is currently holding a new Convention for European distributors. In this edition, entitled “Dekton Gold Summit”, the meeting brings together 170 clients from the European Union, Russia and Israel.

These distributors, classified as “Gold” within the Cosentino Group loyalty programme, have visited the extension of the multinationals industrial park in Cantoria, with particular emphasis placed on the new Dekton® factory and the intelligent logistics warehouse.  Likewise, they will see first-hand the marketing strategies, manufacturing, transformation and preparation processes as well as new business opportunities offered by Dekton®, the new ultra-compact surface that Cosentino is launching globally towards the end of this year.

With 43 centers or logistics and service centres, operating around Europe, including Spain and Portugal, Europe has positioned itself in recent years as the second market in revenue for the multinational from Almeria. For 2013, sales are expected to stand at almost 170 million euros for this region.

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During the opening speech of the Convention, the Chairman of the Group, Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, emphasised the uniqueness of this meeting as “for the first time in our history, we have held a convention with “Gold” category clients in Europe. This, along with the fact that we are in the first year of life of Dekton® symbolises a new reality and a starting point towards an immediate future with new possibilities and business opportunities for our best partners and contributors”:

Finally, and after revealing some of the upcoming investments and openings that the company will carry out, Martínez-Cosentino stressed that Dekton® “it is a unique advantage to conquer new market segments, especially in the world of projects, and to mutually collaborate again with our partners and grow together.”

Finally, it is worth noting that this edition, which will also have the coasts of Vera and Mojacar as a venue for the leisure side of the convention, is the most comprehensive, in terms of represented European countries, which has been held to date. Clients from countries in Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Europe such as Cyprus, Israel, Romania, Malta, Turkey, Poland and Russia will be present.

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