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Cosentino introduces the Silestone Slab Vases project in collaboration with the Swedish design studio Form Us With Love


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Cosentino Group has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed design studio, Form Us With Love. The result of this partnership is a stunning conceptual piece of work entitled, “Silestone Slab Vases”, which will be presented form the 7 -10 February from 12-6pm at the Form Us With Friends exhibition during Stockholm Design Week.

The project consists of rings of Silestone, which have been slipped over a metal bracket measuring around 40cm high to produce a watertight vessel. The rings vary in size and are cut so the shape of the vase changes with each assembly. The project aims to break away from the familiar Silestone slab form and explore the material’s tactile dimension.

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Jonas Pettersson of Form Us With Love comments on Silestone, “It’s manmade but from natural materials, and that’s what fascinated us. They actually take something that nature has done, add about five per cent of binder, resin and colour, and make it better. That’s what appealed to us as industrial designers.”

“Form Us With Love manages to transmit a new perspective about Silestone material. They are a fantastic skilled design trio!”, says Vanessa Feo, Communication and Manager Europe for Cosentino Group.

Form Us With Love is an internationally acclaimed design studio from Stockholm. From Us With Love consists of Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér. Since 2005, they have aimed to challenge the conventional, through design initiatives.

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