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Cosentino strengthens its presence in Israel with a new Centre in Caesarea


Yesterday marked the grand opening of ‘Cosentino Caesarea’, the second ‘Cosentino Centre’ opened by Cosentino Group in Israel. An impressive installation with over 3,100 m2 of floorspace, it combines warehouses and offices, reinforcing the company’s Israeli presence.

Worthy of note is the fact that Cosentino established itself in Israel in 2015 with another Centre, 1,800 m2 in size, located in the Petah Tikva district of Tel Aviv. With these two full-service warehouses now operative in the country, the company is consolidating its leadership role in the sector within an expanding market with both significant growth potential and advanced specialisation in the stone industry.

‘Cosentino Caesarea’, like the company’s operations in the rest of the country, is led by Itay Shimony, Regional Director for Cosentino Israel, and currently employs a start-up team of 10. They form part of the HQ roster as well as that of the Tel Aviv Centre, bringing the company’s total staff in the country to a team of over 20 employees.

Yesterday evening’s grand opening was presided over by Itay Shimony himself, Regional Director for Cosentino Israel, as well as by Eduardo Cosentino, Executive Vice President Global Sales for Cosentino Group and Cosentino North America CEO, and by Ginés Navarro, Vice President of Sales ROW for Cosentino Group.

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