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Introducing Dekton® XGloss by Cosentino, an innovative line of lustrous ultra-compact surfaces


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The Cosentino Group, global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, demonstrates once again its capacity for innovation with the launch of Dekton® XGloss, a new line of polished high-tech ultra-compact surfaces characterised by their dazzling crystal shine.

This new line in the Dekton® range, produced by means of an advanced nanotechnological treatment and a mechanical polishing process, offers an extraordinary, dazzling, luminous and crystal-like shine which, combined with the hardness and very high resistance characteristic of Cosentino´s ultra-compact surfaces, makes this a line of exceptional performance which is unique in the market. No other comparable surface today achieves this combination of aesthetics and technical performance.

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In order to achieve this spectacular result, the Cosentino Group´s R&D department spent almost two years developing a pioneering and exclusive treatment based on a nanotechnology called the Nanocoating Process. In addition to a high gloss finish, this technology gives Dekton® XGloss water-repellent properties which make it extraordinarily stain-resistant without altering the material´s other properties or adding any outer coating to the slabs. 

With this new launch, Cosentino has demonstrated once again its constant capacity for innovation, establishing itself as a driving force  in the architectural and decorative surfaces sector. Here,  nanotechnology has been used to produce and highlight an exceptional luminosity in its line of ultra-compact surfaces. And all of this is combined with superior performance and excellent resistance to any staining agent.

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As Valentín Tijeras, Product and Innovation Director at Cosentino, explains, “This commitment stems from an awareness of a growing demand for lustrous, dramatic colours in the world of design, and the realisation that the high-shine materials available in the market until now do not perform well. We therefore wanted to continue in our tradition as pioneers in uniting spectacular beauty with high durability and stain resistance in XGloss.” “What makes it different is that we achieve this in an integrated way throughout the whole body and surface of the slabs, firstly thanks to the nanoparticle treatment and then to the mechanical polishing method.  This is neither a coating nor a varnish applied a posteriori, but rather a technological and productive system exclusive to Cosentino.” Tijeras concludes.

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Dekton® XGloss remains equally versatile and appropriate for any type of use, due to its very nature and the Particle Sintering Technology (PST) with which it is produced, giving the surfaces superior technical properties such as resistance to UV rays and thermal shock, amongst others.   This makes Dekton® the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor, vertical and  horizontal use, whether for floors, stairs, façades or wall surfaces. All of these characteristics, together with  the large size of  the Dekton® slabs, offer innumerable creative possibilities for architects and designers.  

The new XGloss series, which will be launched commercially this coming spring, will introduce 5 new colours in “Dekton XGloss Solid” collection, and will be available in sizes up to 144cm x 320cm, and in thicknesses from 20mm to 12mm.

This announcement coincides with tennis player Rafael Nadal´s visit today to the Cosentino headquarters in Cantoria, Almería. Nadal was shown the multinational´s head offices, where he took part in a moving event with employees. He visited Cosentino´s industrial park, and spent time at the Dekton® factory, where he witnessed this revolutionary material´s production process first-hand, as well as the specific features of the new XGloss series.

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At the end of the day, the Spanish tennis player signed the Cosentino visitors´ book and had a group photo taken with several of the workers from the Dekton® factory, the brand which,  as mentioned previously, is one of the main sponsors of the “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar”.   Indeed, the visit took place in the context of a partnership established at the end of 2014, whereby Dekton® became a sponsor of the tennis academy that Nadal plans to open in May this year, in his home town of Manacor.

The Dekton® XGloss Solid Collection


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Halo XGloss´ pure white colour has a clean crystal shine.  This variant emulates the latest trends in design, and reflects light making spaces seem bigger.  Halo offers exceptional whiteness compared to other similar products.


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Splendor XGloss is an elegant soft grey in colour, subtle and restrained.  It fits well with new styles of kitchen design and  its mirror-like finish gives the material clarity and character.


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Blaze XGloss is dark grey in colour with a subtle metallic effect. It is an intense grey enhanced by a dazzling shine, a colour with character and personality.


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Lumina XGloss is brown in colour, with very warm, earthy undertones.  Its intense shine makes for a unique colour.


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Spectra is solid black with an exceptional shine.  This luminous and intense black colour lends a spectacular elegance to any project, whether used indoors or outdoors.

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