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Silestone® and Dekton® at the chef and restauranteur Grant van Gameren’s Head Office: “The Overbudget Offices” (Toronto, Ontario)


Grant van Gameren

One of Canada’s best-known chefs and restaurateurs, Grant Van Gameren is self-taught and first rose to prominence as co-owner and head chef of The Black Hoof. He now owns 6 restaurants and bars in Toronto. Overbudget Inc. is a parent company of popular Toronto-based restaurants Bar Isabel, Bar Raval, El Rey, PrettyUgly, Harry’s Char Broil, and Quetzal.

The Project

The Overbudget Offices was a complete rebuild renovation combining modern Japanese and Scandinavian design influences. Chef and Restaurateur, Grant van Gameren worked closely with Studio Junction Architect and Design Studio to design the space to be a creative platform and a central hub for partners and employees under the Overbudget Inc. umbrella.

The primary functions of the multi-use space are to conceptualize and test new recipes and drinks and to hold group meetings and launch events.

Functionality is equally as important as the design of the Overbudget Offices. Ultra-compact Dekton® and Silestone® quartz surfaces play a significant role in the design and were utilized throughout as countertops, backsplashes and wall cladding, allowing van Gameren and his team to work in a worry-free environment resistant to stains, heat and scratches.

Dekton® in Glacier was used as the kitchen island, demonstrating extreme durability when faced with the unforgiving force of a working chef. It was also featured as the bar top and bar prep area countertops and backsplash, where it consistently stands up to stubborn stains.

Silestone® in Charcoal Soapstone was installed as the kitchen countertops and backsplash, creating a striking juxtaposition between the kitchen and the rest of the open space.

Interview with Grant van Gameren

Q: What is the purpose of the Overbudget Offices?

A: Our main objective is to provide a space where our chefs, bartenders, servers, owners, marketing, public relations and accounting teams can collaborate in a creative and vibrant environment. It’s a space where we can meet to further develop our existing projects and be the birthplace of new ideas and businesses. 

Q: How does the renovation meet your needs?

A: It is both functional, beautiful and is adaptable to our day to day needs. It can easily transform from a space of recipe development and marketing meetings to a catered event for an important client. We have selected durable surfaces that can hold up to being utilized daily without sacrificing on design. 

Q: What was the inspiration behind the design of the Overbudget Offices?

A: Our main inspiration was for the space to be bright, airy and clean. A typical restaurant office can be dark and depressing. We wanted a space that was both inviting and productive – a space that makes you happy to come to work each day and perform to your fullest extent. With every restaurant, we design based on creating a feeling for the end user. In this case, the feeling we wanted to create for our office is one of inspiration and productivity. We love natural materials. When working with beautiful stone and wood, you don’t have to do much. We wanted the rich warmth from oak and walnut and the clean and bright feeling of Cosentino countertops. 

Q: Why did you decide to incorporate Dekton and Silestone into the project?

A: When contemplating countertops, we needed something both resilient and beautiful. Very rarely do you see both of these qualities in the same product. Dekton has the durability of a man-made product with the beauty of a natural stone. It’s heat and scratch resistance is second to none. We chose to do our backsplash with Silestone in charcoal, a beautiful option that looks like natural soapstone but without the upkeep and fragility you encounter with natural soapstone.

EN_ Case Study Oficina central del chef y restaurador Grant van Gameren

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