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The Silestone Institute celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a talk about the kitchen of the future and the publication of a 10-Year Digital Report


According to Santiago Alfonso, secretary general of the Silestone Institute, “Cosentino promoted this platform ten years ago in order to create opinion and debate about the kitchen environment, both domestic and professional”.

The talk-colloquium “Dialogues on the kitchen of the future” held at the Cosentino headquarters, was attended by architect Juli Capella, chef Jose Alvarez and interior designer Lucas Paris. During the session the speakers explained their vision on how domestic kitchen will evolve in the next 25 years.

According to the architect Juli Capella, “the kitchen of the future will be monomaterial. The floor, walls, countertops, cabinets, , … will be created with a single material which may have different textures. It will be a loving kitchen, coming from the heart and therefore it will become the organic center of the house and thus of society. It will have a humanistic and funny touch since we are in a society of enjoyment and joy. In short, it will be a warm and loving mix, but at the same time personalized.”

For the chef Jose Álvarez, the kitchen of the future will be essentially experiential. In his restaurant “La Costa” in El Ejido (Almería) he puts this concept into practice. He invites guests to enter into the kitchen to have a first tasting before going to lunch room, so they can see him and his team cooking. For the chef, the experience lived in the restaurant, is one of the keys of the differentiation in restaurant service.

According to the interior designer Lucas Paris, the development of weather-resistant appliances and furniture will facilitate the popularization of outdoor kitchens turning the outdoor space into an extension of the living room.

The memory is available at the following address:

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