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“Tops On Top”, Silestone® & Cindy Crawford


Silestone® and Cindy Crawford have joined forces to represent the very best in beauty, fashion and design. “Tops on Top” can be seen from now onwards in the world’s major lifestyle, trend, fashion, design, decoration and architecture magazines.

This partnership will take the global positioning of the Silestone® brand one step further, building on its already consolidated position as a leading edge decorative surface in design and architecture.

The campaign “Tops On Top” will feature Cindy Crawford alongside one of the key new products to be launched by Silestone® in 2017, the “Eternal” colour collection.

My partnership with Silestone brings together the things that are of top importance in my life: Home, my place of balance where I spend time with my family, as well as my passion for fashion and design. I love creating beautiful spaces—with beautiful materials like Silestone—to enjoy every day with my family.” stated Crawford during the photo shoot for the campaign, which took place in December in Los Angeles, USA.


Fact sheet  Campaign  “TOPS ON TOP” 

Agency: *S, C, P, F…

Advertiser: Cosentino

Brand: Silestone

Campaign name: TOPS ON TOP

Customer contact: Damián Granados-Lorca and Esteban Sosa

General Creative Director: Toni Segarra

Strategic Planner: José María Piera

Creative Director: Paco Badia

Creative Team: Isabel Martínez, Gloria Hernández, María Fabuel, Guillem Casasús, Laura

Soler, Aldo Coste

Accounts Team: Ana Moreno, Natàlia Gasulla

Production agency: Susanna Bergés

Photographer: Xavi Gordo

Retouching: Omar Zehni

Production Company: 8AM

Producer: Andrea Regàs

3D Digital Design: Ángel Sanchís

Graphic Design Studio: ABACUSGroup

Making of: Jaime Andrés Gómez | Chévere Estudio Audiovisual

PR_Tops On Top, Silestone’s new campaign with Cindy Crawford


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