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Join We Professionals and grow your business with our workshops, regular delivery system, personalised assistance and exclusive services.

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What does the We Professionals programme offer you?

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Support and training

Our specialists are at your disposal to help you both on a commercial level and in terms of safety at work. You will receive preferential assistance at our City Centres.

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Loyalty and delivery service

Discover our loyalty programme, which is adapted to each type of business. You will also benefit from a worldwide delivery service that will help you grow your business.

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Digital platform

You will be able to use our exclusive digital platform for fabricators and keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector.

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Sustainable approach

We help you discover our brand portfolio, their sustainable manufacturing processes and their wide range of applications.

Platform services

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E.Cosentino, the e-commerce for fabricators

Find the Cosentino materials and products you need for your projects.
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Finance portal

Easily check the evolution of your financial information through the platform.
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Quoting system and budget calculator

Enter your rates so that your customers can get their quotations quickly.
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Send business opportunities

Contact customers interested in Cosentino materials through our platform.
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Register sales and product warranties

This will give you a prominent positioning on Cosentino’s business locator.
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Manage your material issues

Contact our Quality team directly to speed up the process.
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Receive your samples within 48 hours

Request different sizes and formats of the colours of the brands you are interested in.
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Order display material for your business

Give character and soul to your space to attract and delight your customers.

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