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Beautifully continuous and durable outdoor spaces

Redesign your outdoor spaces to include porches and terraces that blend in with your home

Outdoor areas such as porches, terraces or gardens have become the most precious spaces of the home. In the past, outdoor materials required annual maintenance and often lacked proper care. In addition to this, there was always a visible gap between indoor and outdoor floors.

Dekton® redefines the experience of enjoying outdoor spaces by creating uninterrupted floors that continue inside. The exterior and interior become continuous, with almost no joints or maintenance, that will remain unaltered over time.

Rediscover your home’s outdoor spaces

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Limitless customisation

Personalized spaces to enjoy the outdoors. With Cosentino surfaces, the only limit is your imagination.

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Resistance to high traffic

Unaltered by the wear and tear of daily use in outdoor spaces, applied in terraces, stairs, or pool areas.

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UV ray resistant

One of Dekton’s great benefits is its resistance to UV rays, allowing you to enjoy it in outdoor spaces.

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Dekton outdoor spaces

Make your kitchen a single, unified space, where areas and surfaces flow continuously, with no beginning or end. Integrity offers a feeling of unity, of perfect integration with the rest of the elements of your worktop. A single piece designed in all the Silestone® colours to get an infinite kitchen.
Dekton in outdoor spaces

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