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Factoría Cruzcampo, when brands reimagine their historical heritage

Rosa García de Ayesa and Javier Pontón from Labmatic studio

Image of Nueva Fabrica Cruzcampo 129 1 in La Factoría Cruzcampo - Cosentino


Seville, Spain




Zenith | Aura

Architecture / Design

Rosa García de Ayesa and Javier Pontón from Labmatic studio


Kitchen and main bar island worktops

End date


A refurbishment with a focus on tradition

The recovery and enhancement of historical heritage has become a concern not only for local authorities, but also for a growing number of companies who see their former workplaces, such as factories and offices, as an opportunity for new business propositions and unique meeting places for their public. Cruzcampo, one of Spain’s best-known beer brands, has understood this and has just remodelled its historic brewery in Seville to create a unique space: the Factoría.

What used to be an industrial production line has been turned into a catering school to train the culinary talents of the future, who will be able to demonstrate their newly acquired skills in the restaurant that completes a benchmark leisure and training proposal in Spain.

The key to this refurbishment project was to make the most of the large spaces of the old factory and let the light bathe a decoration that mixes the industrial and the urban. This is where Cosentino has added its design touch to the light tones with clean, welcoming lines.

Dekton Aura and Zenith illuminate the new facilities

High ceilings, exposed brick walls and large windows to let in all the light of southern Spain are some of the features of the Factoría’s interior design, which seeks to recreate open spaces where leisure and work embrace each other in an organic way. It was important to give a sense of cleanliness and clarity, so the project managers opted for the colours Aura and Zenith by Dekton, two very bright and versatile shades that can be used in both work and leisure spaces.

In this case, Dekton has been used for all the worktops – three professional kitchens of more than 35 metres, four work tables and the main bar island. As an ultra-compact surface, Dekton offers high scratch and stain resistance, two attributes that make it a valuable surface for hospitality projects.

The Factoría’s new catering school will welcome hundreds of students into its kitchens over the next few years; the choice of Dekton as the reference material guarantees that neither the temperature contrasts typical of a kitchen nor the daily wear and tear will affect the technical properties and colour of the surfaces. This new Factoría has a long life ahead of it.

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