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A luxury boutique inside a jewellery shop

Nina Magon Studio

Image of Zadok18 min 1 in Nina Magon - Cosentino


Houston, Texas (USA)


Natural Stone I Dekton


Custom | Liquid Embers


17 m2

Architecture / Design

Nina Magon Studio


Cladding and worktop

End date



1.2 - 2 cm

The value of custom design

Nina Magon’s new space in Houston has transformed into the exclusive meeting place for lovers of luxury and design. Located on the first floor of Texas’ leading jewellery shop, Zadok Jewelers, the designer has opted for a sophisticated interior design very much in keeping with the aesthetic of her NM Lifestyle and Pavus collections, which include custom furniture, lighting, carpets and tableware.

To do this, Magon used an eye-catching customised natural stone from Cosentino in its distinctive emerald green colour to clad parts of the walls and the background of her logo, and combined it with the dynamism of Dekton Liquid Embers.

The NM Lounge is designed not only to showcase her pieces, but also to host small private events such as VIP dinners for jewellery brands or for Zadok Jewelers’ customers to relax and enjoy their time in the shop. An elegant, almost monochromatic space in shades of green is complemented by Dekton Liquid Embers wall cladding in a beautiful magma colour with an attractive wavy texture.

Image of Zadok14 min 1 in Nina Magon - Cosentino

Unexpected arches

Magon wanted the room’s decoration to be dynamic and striking, but with a design that would last over time, while adding depth and interest to the furniture, and going beyond a mere display of products. To achieve this, she used a series of customised arches taking advantage of the versatility and durability of Cosentino materials.

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‘The beauty and richness of Cosentino stones evoke a refined opulence that is both functional and incredibly stylish.’
Nina Magon

Nina Magon

Founder of Nina Magon Studio

Cosentino's materials used in this project


Liquid Embers


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