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Cosentino Group takes part in Casa Decor 2016 and is featured in more than ten areas dedicated to design and architecture


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Cosentino Group is collaborating with Casa Decor 2016, the largest interior decoration, architecture, design and art exhibition in Europe, held at Atocha Palace in Madrid from 19 May to 26 June.

The contribution made by the OPTA architecture and design studio in Madrid features the presence of Cosentino products in more than ten spaces designed by well-known architects, designers, companies and institutions. “Stand up/Sit down” is the title of a loft space (no. 54) of 30m2 dedicated exclusively to the bathroom. The space, which has a U shape and is surrounded by a glazed courtyard, has a large household area devoted to hygiene and the use and enjoyment of water. As a tribute to the presence of noble, durable materials that has always existed in bathroom areas, OPTA Arquitectos has selected different finishes from the Dekton® by Cosentino ultracompact surface, with the aim of exhibiting an installation that offers comfort, hygiene, quality and design.

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Based on a large bathroom fixture in the Dekton® Spectra colour, with an ultra glossy black finish that is reminiscent of the reflection of water and its hygienic properties, the space exhibits the different uses and functions of a bathroom, establishing a difference between activities performed while standing or sitting, with the latter being considered most intimate. In contrast with the deep dark Dekton® Spectra colour, included in the Dekton® XGloss ultracompact polished surfaces series, an impeccable white “skin” envelopes the whole perimeter of the space, formed by a spectacular wall coating made with Dekton® Aura. This colour adds matchless luminosity and spaciousness thanks to its soft white background in which a series of fabulous greyish veins can clearly be seen, evoking natural rock formations.

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In a bid to promote the return of gloss, OPTA Arquitectos has chosen the colour Dekton® Splendor, from the Dekton® XGloss collection for practically the entire floor of the project. This greyish, glossy finish recreates a mirror that adds clarity and character to the area.

In the interior part of the space, next to the glazed courtyard, is a shower area where the designers have used the ecological, industrial-looking colour Dekton® Trilium on the walls and the honest, plain, grey Dekton® Ventus colour for the floor. A perfect combination of colours that add beauty and unique technical features. Thanks to its excellent behaviour in the presence of water and because it is a durable material that requires minimum maintenance, Dekton® is the perfect product for use on countertops, floors and as a surface for bathrooms. 

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Apart from this important collection, Cosentino products are featured in ten other extremely attractive architectural spaces:

  • The design studio Ways to live and the decorators Adriana Nicolau and Luiz have created a public bathroom with a countertop created with the natural beauty of Cosentino Sensa® Orinoco granite and a grey wall using Dekton® Edora.
  • Estudio Alegría has designed a multispace where the ultracompact surface Dekon® by Cosentino was used for the floor, walls and bar. The colour chosen was the Dekton® Entzo, white with grey veins.
  • The interior decoration space exhibits a restaurant where the glossy white colour Dekton® Halo was used for the bar and for the tables.
  • AT Kitchen Studio chose to exhibit an elegant kitchen for Casa Decor that features the natural finish Dekton® Kairos.
  • The designer Almudena Revuelta has created a lounge in which the dark, forceful colour Dekton® Kelya is used for the walls and the floor.
  • The space exhibited by Galería Comercial del Mueble features the natural stone of Cosentino. The wall of the area is clad in the Black Beauty granite of Sensa® by Cosentino.
  • The architect Jean Porsche has designed a lounge with a wall clad with Dekton® Kairos, in white streaked with grey.
  • The space installed by the Association of Interior Decorators and Designers of Madrid and the Association of Decorators of Madrid has an office featuring a Silestone® by Cosentino quartz surface. The colours Rojo Stellar and Kensho Grey are used for the walls and the countertop.
  • The Sanco Factory studio has created the space of the company Ebay, in which the white, luminous, glossy Dekton® Halo is used for the floor.
  • The Raul Martins studio has created the Natuzzi space in which the countertop and tables are made of polished dolomite using the beautiful natural limestone Scalea® by Cosentino.

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