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Silestone® by Cosentino launches its new website


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Silestone® by Cosentino, the world’s leading brand in quartz surfaces, presents its new website, a space that offers a more modern, more dynamic design and one that end consumers, professionals in the world of architecture and design, the company’s customers and the media will find much more visual. Created using responsive web design, the website can be viewed from any desktop or laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

The platform invites users to interact with the product through various, cutting-edge tools such as the “3D Cosentino Kitchen” app that lets you create and customise the layout of a kitchen worktop in a real-life, three-dimensional environment. The “Kitchen Designs” section allows users to discover how the wide range of Silestone® colours can be adapted to different aesthetic kitchen styles whether modern, rustic, vintage, American or Nordic.

A highlight of the new features of the website is an exclusive professional area where architects, designers, kitchen and bathroom shops, and stone masons have access to technical product information and a photo gallery of projects. The download section also offers an extensive network of high-resolution photographs of the various colours, textures and uses of Silestone® as well as a selection of audiovisual documents that shows the developments, trends and communications and marketing actions that revolve around the brand.

Thanks to technological advances developed by Cosentino’s Image and Brand Department, the new sections for bathroom and Integrity® sink applications allow users to see each element via a modern, flexible digital menu. Our new colour files have become one of the most important and attractive sections thanks to an innovative selector that offers many details such as textures, formats and applications for each colour.

To go hand in hand with Cosentino Group’s international expansion and the distribution and presence of its brands in more than 80 countries, the new Silestone® website will be available in over 30 different versions with content that can be adapted and personalised to the particular tastes and trends of each market.

This launch – this time in the world of digital marketing – is a new innovation for Cosentino which continues to be a benchmark company and leader in the field of international design.

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