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Silestone: for trendsetting applications. Le Big Fish – a concept of Robert Kranenborg in the Foodhallen Amsterdam – West


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Amsterdam has got a new hotspot: Le Big Fish. In the Foodhallen in Amsterdam, the chefs Robert Kranenborg, Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot present their newest seafood-streetfood concept Le Big Fish. For the countertops the chefs chose Silestone®  in the marble look Lyra, perfect for an open kitchen which is being used  intensively.

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The concept of the Foodhallen was inspired by ‘indoor food markets’ like the Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid and the Borough Market in London. This great concept for a  ‘big city life’ is for the locals as well as the tourists the perfect spot for hanging out and enjoying the different dishes.

De Hallen Amsterdam

The building where once the first electric trams in Amsterdam were serviced has been granted a new life. In the former tram depot, an official monument built between 1902 and 1928, you now find De Hallen Amsterdam. Right in the middle of the 19th century district Amsterdam West.

Part of the Hallen are the Foodhallen. Several entrepreneurs have created a food stand here; on a limited number of square metres they are preparing the most beautiful and special dishes. There is only one type of food stand for every kind of food, this to keep the concept unique. For example, there is a Vietnamese and an Italian stand, a wine bar, a hamburger bar, a ‘bitterbal bar’ and a fish stall. Visitors can choose from a variety of small and larger dishes and enjoy them together at one of the tables in the middle of the space.


The origins of streetfood  come outside of The Netherlands  Worldwide you can find  specialized  food stands with perfectly prepared small meals. The  trend  of  food stands  and specialties is now also spreading in Europe. After  Madrid,  Copenhagen  and  London  now   Foodhallen can also be found in Amsterdam. Starting form the idea “one chef, one dish” this specialized “fish stall 2.0” has evolved.

The kitchen is the hart of the space,, thanks to the open-space set up there is a direct contact between the chefs and the guests. Since the  countertop is being used intensively,  it has to meet high standards.

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Silestone®  not only is beautiful, it also stays beautiful. The countertop is scratch, and stain resistant, acid resistant and very hygienic.

The stand of Le Big Fish also contains an Integrity sink in the same colour and out of the same Silestone® material as the countertop. The sink is a one-piece sink without joints and with curved outlines, for easier cleaning. Integrity gives the sensation of unity, of perfect integration with the rest of the elements of the worktop. 

The industrial appearance of the Hallen gives a nice contrast with the white marble look of Lyra  from the Silestone®  Nebula collection.

Le Big Fish is a place where you can feast from the sea. Traditional dishes prepared without pretensions, according to modern techniques.  The carefully selected catch of the day determines the menu, such as crispy steamed burgers, tacos and spicy soup. 

Robert Kranenborg – Chef Le Big Fish   

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Project:          Le Big Fish

fish stall in the Foodhallen in Amsterdam – West 

Location;       Bellamyplein 51 – Amsterdam

Chefs;            Robert Kranenborg ,Richard van Oostenbrugge Thomas Groot

Opening;       October 2014

Material;       Silestone® by Cosentino – Integrity

Application: Countertops, Ice trays Sink

Colour:           Lyra – Nebula collection

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