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Suede, the innovative velvety Silestone® texture. Same unparalleled durability. Best touch ever.


Cosentino is a company that has distinguished itself on the world stage through its ground-breaking product innovation within clear, cutting-edge quality, technological and aesthetic standards.

Suede is one of the latest major developments conceived by Cosentino under these precepts, and is much more than just an extra matte texture for Silestone®.

Thanks to the integration of an exclusive new treatment, Suede offers advanced technological performance and extremely high resistance to stains and blemishes. With Suede, the daily maintenance of the surface is very simple and easy, which always ensures maximum hygiene anywhere it’s used.

Going beyond that, to the sensory level, Suede represents a new way of sensing and feeling the surfacing used in interior architecture and design. Suede is soft to the touch, with an unmatchable velvety feel that captivates and enchants from the first moment, and can play tricks on your eyes thanks to the infinite elegance and eternal beauty of its finish.

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