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The revolutionary N-Boost technology reinvents the darkest and most stylish tones of Silestone®


Silestone® presents four stylish and unique shades characterised by deep, dark finishes and by a distinctive and personal aesthetic character. Iconic Black, Stellar Night, Marengo and Tebas Black are designed to form part of decorative interiors in which performance and style should exceed expectations:

– Iconic Black. No other product currently available on the market can match this black shade of Silestone®; it is the blackest black available in the quartz surface sector. Its polished finish boasts an unbeatable shine and stunning light reflection.

– Stellar Night. Composed of dozens of tiny sparkling mirrors of different shapes and sizes, it interacts with light in an utterly unique way, and its polished finish has a spectacular shine.

– Marengo’s polished and suede finishes showcase an intense grey tone. In this shade proposal, simplicity and functionality are fused in perfect harmony.

– Tebas Black. The dark aesthetic of Tebas Black stands out in its polished and suede finishes due to its exceptional tonal intensity and charismatic uniformity.

Iconic Black, Stellar Night, Marengo and Tebas Black are synonymous with purity and excellence owing to their penetrating and intense colours, and to their unparalleled mechanical properties. Iconic Black, Stellar Night, Marengo and Tebas Black inspire an authentic lifestyle in which quality and beauty go hand in hand.

The outstanding qualities of these four black and dark tones would compliment any interior design, and are further enhanced by the innovative N-Boost manufacture technology by Silestone®. Thanks to N-Boost by Silestone®, it is not only elegance and personality that characterises this shade selection, but a number of unequalled technical and aesthetic properties.

With N-Boost by Silestone…

… the cleaning of Silestone® is easier than ever before thanks to its water-resistant properties, repelling any kind of liquid,

… the colour is intensified, appearing much more authentic and striking

…. and the polished finish boasts an extraordinary shine.

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