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Training as a
fundamental aspect of personal

A two-year development program with which you can develop knowledge and skills in various departments of Cosentino through an exclusive training plan that will allow you to access content and unique experiences in your professional career.

Impulsa Graduate offers you the possibility of developing your potential in an international company, in constant growth and with a great variety of professional growth opportunities in all business units and in all continents.


Develop your full potential

Yo hago de menú!

Be part of the Impulsa Graduate Program if you have finished your career of:

Business Administration and Management / Economics
Review the information and participate in our talent selection process for COSENTINO Impulsa. Remember that it is very important for us that you have had an international experience and that you develop your Impulsa talent project at our headquarters in Cantoria, Almería.

Opportunities Cosentino Boosts

· Projects management
· Production
· Customers Quality
· Process Quality
· Strategy
· Interior design
· Systems (Salesforce)
· Management control

We are waiting for you

If you are a person with enthusiasm, who inspires others, willing to take on challenges that will test your ability to analyze problems and find solutions, you are Cosentino People and we are waiting for you to join the VII Edition of our Cosentino Impulsa Graduate program.

Stages in the selection process.

To participate in the program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

·1. CV evaluation.
· 2. English oral test.
· 3. Call with our Talent Attraction team.
· 4. Psychometric tests (online).
· 5. Group dynamic video.
· 6. Face-to-face day (end of May).
· 7. Decision making and offer.
· 8. Incorporation: mid September.

Experiences with Impulsa Graduate

"Participating in the Impulsa de Cosentino program has meant real professional and personal growth. From day one, you are part of a great interdisciplinary team where you acquire knowledge to put into practice from the beginning of the experience."

- Laura Bretones -

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