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The Old Bread Factory

Case Study

Dekton impresses in former bread factory

By The Home Factory

Image of CS NL21 2 THE HOME FACTORY LUBRO 9 1464 LR 1 in The Old Bread Factory - Cosentino


Utrecht, The Netherlands




Trilium | Radium

End date


Architecture / Design

The Home Factory


Kitchen worktop, bathroom floor and wall, worktop and cladding fire place


8 mm


Jurrit van der Waal for The Art of Living

The new youth of a historic building

The former Lubro bread factory has a rich history in Utrecht. For years bread, bisquits and cookies were baked in the large bakery in the middle of the city. When the factory closed its doors in 2004, the flour silo was demolished and the former bakery and its offices remained silent for years. But after more than 10 years of vacancy, the former Lubro premises have been brought back to life: six iconic townhouses have been built in the former bakery and the office building has been converted into apartments and catering outlets.

Commissioned by Hurks Bouw, interior design and realization agency The Home Factory contributed ideas about the layout and living style. They made sure that living in a spacious factory hall became a reality.

Dekton Radium and Trilium in industrial heritage

In the industrial building old elements like window frames, pillars, brick and steel have been preserved and used as accent and framework for a beautiful modern living space. Furthermore, each home has its own unique look and layout, with The Home Factory elaborating the home according to the client's wishes and situation.

For example, in one of the townhouses, the kitchen has been placed in the middle of the building, where the kitchen functions as a piece of furniture and an extension of the living room. For the kitchen worktop Dekton Radium was chosen. This color has a weathered appearance in different shades of brown and fits perfectly with the building and its history. The risers of the staircase adjacent to the kitchen are also made of the same Dekton material. The same color has been used in the cladding of the fireplace with matching worktop. In this way the two rooms communicate beautifully with each other.

For the bathroom, another industrial color of Dekton was chosen: Trilium. Here the material was used in the floor and back wall of the shower. By working with large tiles, an extra spatial result was created.

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Durable Industrial

Radium and Trilium are colors inspired by the beauty of weathered, rusted metals with irregular, organic patterns. With the choice of Dekton Radium and Trilium, sustainability was chosen in addition to an industrial look. Not only are all Dekton colors carbon neutral produced, but these specific colors consist of 80% recycled materials which makes them extra sustainable.

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