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Cosentino & Pininfarina create a park of unique sculptures

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The emblematic automobile collaborated with Cosentino to open a park of unique sculptures for Casacor Miami

This open-air oasis, designed by the renowned firm Pininfarina in conjunction with Cosentino, aims to be not only a leisure space for Miami residents but also a place to interact with art. As Paolo Trevisan, head of design at Pininfarina of America, explains, “With this space created with Cosentino, we had the opportunity to combine nature and industrialization. More than the objects themselves, what really mattered to us were people and thinking about how they would interact in the park with the objects we had created, how they would react when they would walk through the park.”

Speedforms in the Garden, as the project is called, not only illustrates engineering and the progres- sion from the natural to the modern but also the influence of functional sculptures on outdoor spaces. Nine different pieces come together to form this impressive outdoor space—from sculp- tural forms made with white Macael by Cosentino to benches and an aerodynamic bar made from stacked ultra-compact Dekton tiles.

“We feel really proud of the result because we wereable to bring together in one project our origins, in white Macael, and the latest product that we’ve launched on the market, Dekton, in one incredible job,” comments Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America.

Speedforms in the Garden plays with the opposing forces of nature and technology and combines craftwork and engineering in both its design and in the materials used in its production.

“The project was a challenge for both companies because one of the things that stands out in Pininfarina’s designs are the curves, and one of the limitations of our Cosentino materials is that we work with extremely dense and hard slabs that cannot be bent,” explains Carolina Almeida, general director of Cosentino City Miami. Nevertheless, Pininfarina managed to find a way to complete the project’s organic design using such a hard and resistant material.

Both Pininfarina and Cosentino are family businesses. As Paolo Trevisan, great-grandson of the emblematic Italian firm’s founder, explains, “They are the two families’ names, so when we take on a project, we are not only thinking about that one job but about everything that has been done in the past. Cosentino and Pininfarina are not only brands but also our familes’ names, and that comes with a personal commitment. We pay special attention to everything that we do, and everything has to be approved by the family,” Trevisan notes.

The Pininfarina sculptures are made with white Macael marble and evoke a sense of freedom, growth and simple beauty characteristic of nature. This mineral, sometimes referred to as white gold, comes from the quarries of the Spanish town of Macael, in the Almería province.

“In this collaboration with Pininfarina for CASACOR Miami, we saw the perfect opportunity to highlight Dekton’s beauty and versatility in an interactive way. Pininfarina has a great legacy and history in iconic design and we are delighted to work with another family business on the cutting edge of innovation,” professes Eduardo Cosentino.

The project aimed to fuse Cosentino and Pininfarina’s visions. “We built this park with all our love, really capturing the way we design. I could not be happier to have collaborated with Cosentino on this project,” notes Roger Benedeti, CEO of the Miami construction company Pedreiras.

“Pininfarina is one of the top design firms in the world, and the top is where Cosentino wants to be. This is the reason we created this commercial alliance and friendship with them. The results of the project are fantastic,” Eduardo Cosentino concludes.

Representing nature, three sculptures have been created with Cosentino white Macael marble in collaboration with Cuellar Stone, paying homage to the company’s roots.

“This project highlights Dekton’s beauty and versatility”

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