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Cosentino ends 2015 with over 100 facilities around the world and forecasts a turnover of 715 million Euros


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The Cosentino Group brings together all its managerial staff at this current edition of its Strategic Conference in Olula del Rio (Almería).

This year’s edition, entitled “Leading by Example“, gathers over 90 of the company’s directors who represent the business departments in over 25 countries. During the conference, particular emphasis is being given to the role of directors and middle managers, organisational aspects, and the importance of managing talent and diversity. This last aspect has become ever more important now that Cosentino employs more than 3,300 people worldwide who represent 44 nationalities.

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Another key aspect of the broad diversification of this company from Almería is its management and financial supervision which is increasingly consolidated. Because it operates in many markets, thorough control of the movement of currency exchange is required as is an approach with a permanently international vision. Also key is the adaptive capacity to each market – which currently means adapting to each customer – and this is something which Cosentino has yet again managed to demonstrate with its progressive marketing of Dekton® over these past years.

All this reinforces Cosentino’s aim for future growth to be orderly, inclusive, and above all ensure that the DNA of the group is a cohesive factor for ongoing progress. This has been achieved in 2015 thanks to the hiring of 685 new employees worldwide, including more than 200 in Spain.

But this conference also serves to assess these recent months as well as improve the strategic lines of the group in the short and medium term. In this regard, it is worth noting that this year Cosentino has opened more than 10 Cosentino Centers (comprehensive distribution and service platform) worldwide, new Cosentino Cities in New York and Milan, and has taken over a major Canadian Toronto-based distributor. As a result of these operations, Cosentino ends the year with over 100 of its own logistics and sales facilities around the world.

The group’s estimated consolidated turnover for 2015 is 715 million Euros, which would represent a 20% increase in growth over 2014. In addition, some details were disclosed of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan that this company, led by Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, is preparing and which will be announced during the first months of next year.

Finally, with regard to products, Dekton® has taken the lion’s share at this annual event given the growing importance it is having in generating business, focusing mainly on comprehensive projects, applications for façades, large-format paving, wall cladding and worktops. The importance of the granite business has also been looked at; a business based at the large factory that Cosentino has in the Brazilian city of Vitória. Said factory is in full expansion, with new warehouses and the installation of machinery that will double the production of this material for its subsequent export all over the world.

In his opening speech, Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, the group’s President, highlighted that “these meetings are very significant because they show that we are achieving a high level of professionalism in the company, orderly management and an inclusive policy, which is essential in order to continue to grow sustainably. This provides us, for example, with new human capital, as evidenced by the fact that in just one year we have hired nearly 700 new employees, and this puts us in a position, together with our partners and customers, to continue leading in this industry and meet new challenges and short-term investments.” 

Lastly, Martínez-Cosentino reaffirmed “the unwavering commitment of the entire Management to safety and improved working practices in the workplace of the company as well as for the rest of the value chain. This is a fundamental aspect from which much of our investment commitment stems, as do the growth of the sales capillary network and the constant updating of all our factories with the latest and best technology.”

PR_Cosentino ends 2015 with over 100 facilities around the world and forecasts a turnover of 715 million Euro

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