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Cosentino Group present in Milan Design Week 2016 with its Dekton® and Silestone® high-tech surfaces


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The Cosentino Group will attend Milan Design Week 2016 which will take place from the 12th to the 17th of April:

  • Milan’s Cosentino City will open its doors during this week-long event to show off new products in the Dekton® and Silestone® ranges. Activities that bring design and architecture together with music and live cookery will take place over the course of six days.
  • Cosentino and the prestigious Cecconi Simone design studio will attend the Salone Internazionale del Bagno 2016 with a spectacular stand, the concept of which will be “Travel with Cosentino”. Inside, Cosentino’s innovative bathroom collection will be on show – a collection which, thanks to its custom-made large format concept, reinvents this type of space.
  • Cosentino has also collaborated with the famous Apparatu design studio to create the Dektonhenge by Apparatu ensemble, made with Dekton®.


Press Event: 11th April, from 17:00

Period of opening: 12th – 16th April

Opening times: 10:00 – 23:00

Address: 6 Piazza Fontana (Milan)

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An important site is located in the very centre of Milan, where the spectacular facilities at Cosentino City will be the backdrop for a very special week in which design and architecture come together with other forms of art to create new sensations. Each day in the showroom’s spaces, visitors will be able to experience the interaction of Cosentino materials with music, evoking surprising emotions. There will also be events each evening in which guests will be treated to a blend of traditional flavours from Spanish and Italian cuisine.

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Visitors to Cosentino City can view all of Cosentino’s new products in the Dekton® ultra-compact surface range and the Silestone® quartz surface range in a single space. Particularly noteworthy amongst them is Dekton® XGloss, the new line of ultra-compact surfaces with a stunning crystal-like shine, awarded with Red Dot Award for Best Product Design 2016.

MEVO, an exclusive mobile kitchen developed by German designer Marcus Fußstetter and featuring a worktop in the colour Aura from the Dekton® by Cosentino range, will also be installed inside the showroom. MEVO has been created to be the perfect place for meeting and conversation during a gathering or celebration, providing a space with maximum creative freedom.

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The Cosentino City in Milan, opened in October 2015, showcases multiple possibilities for decoration, interior design and architecture. It has different areas and display systems offering the latest ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, cladding, outdoor applications and furniture among others.



Pavilion 22, stand G32

Press Event: 12th April, 11:00 – 13:00

Period of opening: 12th – 17th April

Opening times: 09:30 – 18:30

Address: Fiera Milano, Rho (Milan)

Cosentino Group will at the same time be present at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno 2016, an unmissable event for professionals and manufacturers in this industry. Cosentino Group will attend this biennial event to present its innovative bathroom collection in the unique setting of a spectacular stand designed by the prestigious Cecconi Simone design studio. Through the “Travel with Cosentino concept, the space symbolises the internationalisation of the Cosentino Group and the adaptability of its products to any country or climate.

The stand’s design is divided into four spaces or vignettes: a Parisian apartment, a Balinese garden, a London loft apartment and a typical Toronto house, showing the different applications of Dekton® and Silestone®. These spaces show that Cosentino products can create magnificent spaces whether they are urban or rural, indoor or outdoor, emphasising the products’ versatility and adaptability to different styles, be they elegant, refined, luxurious, avant-garde or minimalist.

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In each of these contexts, Cosentino Group presents its innovative bathroom collection that succeeds in re-inventing this space thanks to the custom-made large format concept. Silestone® and Dekton®, thanks to their physical and mechanical performance, can be used to make a whole bathroom from the same material, giving each space great aesthetic integration and continuity as well as being very clean and hygienic.



Press Event: 14th April, from 18:00

Period of opening: 12th – 17th April

Opening times: 10:00 – 20:00

Address: 35 Via Savona (Milan)

During this week Cosentino Group will also present its experimental Dektonhenge by Apparatu project, developed by Xavier Mañosa, founder of the prestigious Apparatu design studio and using Dekton® ultra-compact surfaces.

Dektonhenge by Apparatu proposes a review of the origins of Dekton®. Together with Cosentino’s R&D department, Xavier Mañosa puts the ultra-compact surface through a ductile and malleable process. Working with Dekton® as a raw material, he explains the transformation of the material from its liquid to solid states, working in the same way as working with ceramic.

Xavier selects a natural rock and digitalises its surface. From this he creates pieces in different shapes and sizes so that each of them can later be artisanally moulded. The result of this experimental exercise is the ensemble of pieces of different shapes and sizes that make up Dektonhenge by Apparatu.


Aster, Cantiero, Dale, Häcker, Kristalia, Leicht, Spagnol Cucine, Tecnozeta, Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Indesit are some brands who have also chosen to use Cosentino Groups high-tech surfaces to show their latest products during Milan Design Week 2016.

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