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Cosentino grows its sales network in North America and will open new subsidiary headquarters in Miami


Cosentino currently has the widest sales and distribution network achieved by a Spanish company in the industrial sector in North America:

  • 42 Cosentino Centers (38 located in USA and 4 in Canada)
  • 3 Cosentino City Centers or showrooms
  • 2 distribution hubs.

Cosentino has recently opened six new “Centers” in the USA, facilities that combine the functions of warehouse, training centre, offices and showroom, most of them in new states. These launches mean that Cosentino now has its own facilities in half of the 50 American States.

Another differentiating asset in the Cosentino distribution model, the “City” showroom concept, is also the star of this expansion as Cosentino already counts three of these showrooms in New York, Toronto and the most recent one of Montreal, which will have its official opening in the coming weeks.  In addition, two other Cosentino City’s will open, one in San Francisco (April) and anothe one in Miami (July).

This presence with its own assets is completed with two distribution hubs and twelve surface elaboration and transformation plants. This is also going hand in hand with growth in the number of employees to over 1,200 employees in the USA and Canada by the end of this year.

As a result of this high implementation and in order to attend the company’s plan for future growth, the headquarters of its subsidiary “Cosentino North America” will be located in Miami since mid 2017, and not anymore in Houston. This strategic decision will bring greater efficiency to the management of the North American market, as well as better coordination both with the Group’s headquarters in Almeria and with the rest of the continent.

PR_The Cosentino Group grows its sales network in North America and will move its subsidiary headquarters to Miami in 2017

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