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Cosentino in Topa Sukalderia


TOPA Sukaldería is a restaurant of Andoni Luis Aduriz that highlights centuries of common history between the Basque and Latin American people.

TOPA Sukaldería is located in the heart of San Sebastián´s Gros district, and occupies a total space of 496 m2, divided over two floors. The ground floor is occupied by the kitchen and the dining lounge, while the bathrooms are located in the basement.

Clarity of space, contrasts, an upbeat, cosy environment, myriad ways of welcoming customers, high-quality decorative and architectural products, and the use of recycled materials are just some of the key concepts that define this project.

The ultra-compact surface Dekton® by Cosentino, and the ecological Silestone® Eco Line range were chosen for this design. More than 400 m2 of Cosentino products were used in this inspirational culinary project.

Cosentino Materials:

  • Dekton®:
    • Kelya colour Dekton® – 207 m2 – 1.2 cm thick – Kitchen wall cladding and stairway area wall cladding
    • Aura colour Dekton® – 41 m2 – 1.2 and 2 cm thick – Kitchen Worktops, counters, furniture surfacing and wall cladding.
  • Silestone®:
    • Starlight colour from the Eco Line range – 159 m2 – 1.2 cm thick – Bathroom wall cladding

Project details: 

  • Project: Restaurant
  • Concept: Andoni Luis Aduriz and IXO Grupo
  • Location: Agirre Miramon Kalea, 7, 20002, Donostia, Guipúzcoa
  • Opening date: February 2017
  • Total size of the building project: 496 m2
  • Duration of the building project: 6 months.
  • Architecture / Design: Íñigo Gómez de Segura Albeniz – Luis García Alemany
  • Construction company: Construcciones HUGAR, S.L
  • Marble supplier: MARMOLES AZTIRIA, S.L.

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