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Cosentino innovative surfaces showcased at the German kitchen show Küchenmeile A 30


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  • Increasing numbers of German high-end kitchen manufacturers – including Ballerina, Poggenpohl and Häcker – rely on the Dekton and Silestone surfaces by Cosentino. At Küchenmeile A 30 (19 to 25 September 2015) leading brands will showcase their kitchen designs featuring Dekton and Silestone surfaces.
  • Küchenmeile A 30 is not the only reason why, from 19 to 25 September 2015, East Westphalia will be ‘the place to be’ for the international kitchen industry: the M.O.W. furniture fair in Bad Salzuflen, the area 30 trade fair and the Art of Kitchens exhibition, which will also feature Dekton and Silestone surfaces, attract visitors from all over the world.

From 19 to 25 September, the largest German kitchen manufacturers will present the latest trends in kitchen design in the German region of East Westphalia. The exhibition spans the full product range, from interiors and accessories to cabinet and work surfaces. Poggenpohl, Ballerina, Häcker, Warendorf, Leicht and Zeyko will present new designs, which also rely on the Silestone and Dekton surfaces by Cosentino.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the Silestone quartz surface is one of the most popular surface materials for kitchens, and not just because of its high stain and scratch resistance: a wide colour palette, including more than 60 shades, allows exciting and unique colour and design concepts. Ballerina, for example, presents a stunning design in its new special-colour kitchens line, which features, among other materials, Silestone in the Marine Stellar blue shade.

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“Cosentino’s colour and textures palette is very modern and versatile. We can always find the perfect surface for our trend-setting kitchens. We also very much appreciate both the materials’ superior qualities and the collaboration with Cosentino, which is defined by a great sense of partnership and by profound expertise”, says Heidrun Brinkmeyer, CEO of Ballerina.

Launched only this summer, some of the latest Dekton colours are showcased by, among others, Poggenpohl and Ballerina. Warendorf and Leicht use the Aura Dekton shade in their new kitchens: eight unique, marble-textured slab designs can be combined in any desired way to create surfaces where the veining flows seamlessly from one slab to the next. The marble effect is set against a pale white background, thus allowing for a continuous and symmetrical decor.

Further Dekton and Silestone designs will be presented in Kirchlengern, where Dutch kitchen manufacturers will show their latest products in the Art of Kitchens group exhibition.

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