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Cosentino interview with Cindy Crawford


Cindy Crawford participated in an interesting discussion at Cosentino City Manhattan, alongside journalist Whitney Robinson, where she not only spoke about her illustrious career in fashion, but also her experience and personal tastes in relation to design and décor.

Download here the full transcript of the interview.


Question: […] about that crossover between your career in fashion, but also your passion for design.

Answer Cindy Crawford: There’s a lot there, but I think the thing that I want to start with is this saying, and it took me awhile to really understand this myself, but “Style is style.” You can’t really separate your personal sense of style from how you live, or what kind of music you listen to, or how you entertain people. And that’s one of the great things that comes with age, as you get older you become more knowledgeable and confident in your style, whatever that is.  So I certainly evolved. My very first decorating that I did was finding new wallpaper for my bedroom, when my sister went off to college. 

Q: So I saw that in an interview you did, where the kitchen is really the heart of the home for you. And I think it has been in all of these homes. Why? And how is it so, is because you love cooking, or.

A C.C.: Michael Smith said something on this, and it’s funny; if there’s not a bed, a TV, a refrigerator, or a toilet in a room, you do not go in that room. Because you have these beautiful rooms, but what’s drawing you there? You need that thing that draws you there. So the kitchen is the natural gathering place, because what’s the first thing everyone does when they get up in the morning? They get their coffee, your tea, your kids are hungry, and it’s such a family focal point. We always wanted an island with seating as well as a table, because I like sitting at an island. I think it’s such a natural place for everyone to gather at. 

Q: Your new campaign with Silestone is with the Eternal series, but it’s all about this type of beauty and design, and I’m wondering, did you have a favorite from the collection?

A C.C.: Yes. What was surprising for me was how much I liked, because right now we have a white kitchen in our main house, I was shocked because it [touching the Silestone] it feels great. It’s really pretty. And it’s like that one statement piece that you can have everything else on and this is the wow piece. So I actually, after seeing this and showing it to Rande, was like, we need to figure out a cool way to include this. I’ve never used this dark of a stone before, and I think that it’s really beautiful, it feels great, and it’s super adorable, and those are the things I care about. If you can’t put a lemon on it, don’t put it in my house.

This year, Cindy Crawford has been the face and ambassador of the Silestone® brand, world leader in the quartz surfaces market, fronting the spectacular “Tops on Top” campaign.

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